4 Year Old Poops In Pants And Doesn’t Care – Prevent Soiled Pants

It’s a problem every parent of a young child has faced at one point or another – what do you do when your kid poops their pants and doesn’t seem to care? The best thing to do in this situation is to stay calm and try to clean up the mess as best you can.

If your 4 year old poops in pants and doesn’t care, don’t sweat it too much. In this blog post, we’ll look at what you can do if your child poops their pants and doesn’t care. So, if you’re dealing with a stinky situation, read on for some helpful tips!

4 Year Old Poops In Pants And Doesn't Care

Reasons Kids Poop Their Pants

Not Pooping At Daycare

If your kid goes without accidents all day at daycare but then soils their pants on the way home, they aren’t alone. Some youngsters find it difficult to poop in a toilet away from home. If your child’s feces persists throughout the day, it might be because they’re having issues in the car.

The Urge To Go Is Ignored

If your youngster becomes aware of their need to relieve themselves midway through passing stool their pants, it’s a good idea to schedule bathroom stops.

Some toddlers go every day, while others do so every other day. Frequent or frequent excretion is uncommon among most people in their early twenties who are still growing and developing.

Poor Wiping

Poop-streaked undies are frequently a sign that your kid isn’t wiping properly.

Chronic Constipation

If you’re certain your kid is cleaning properly yet you see skid marks, they may have encopresis. Encopresis is a common medical condition in which a child’s constipation occurs. The child may sit on the toilet and pass hard poop which smell like burnt hair, with liquid stool leaking around the obstruction.

What To Do If Your 4 Year Old Poops In Pants And Doesn’t Care?

You can sometimes assist your kid poop in the toilet by addressing any concerns that might be causing them to be hesitant or have difficulties.

  • Teach your children that going to the bathroom is natural: Children must be toilet trained. They should be aware that everyone defecates and that they should not be concerned or ashamed about using the toilet when and where necessary.
  • Provide a balanced child’s diet: Fiber-rich meals keep the body functioning properly.
  • When your child is constipated, pay attention to the following signs: Fruit juices, water, high fiber foods, and other treatments may help, as can consultations with your doctor about what other choices are viable for your kid, such as stool softeners. However, overuse of these supplements might worsen by putting too much emphasis on pooping.

Other Things You Can Do To Prevent Poop Accidents

Enlist Their Help

If your 4 year old poops in pants and doesn’t care, They should also be involved in the cleanup effort. Have them flush any solid smelly feces down the toilet first. Then, clean the stain (as much as possible) under cold water with soiled underwear on.

Avoid Anger

Deep breathing or counting to 10 are two excellent techniques for calming down. Don’t start the cleanup until you’re calm and capable of doing so without resorting to rage or victimization.

Use Discipline

If you can keep your cool while your kid throws a fit about cleaning up later, it might be beneficial to impose a time-out on them. If your child does not cooperate, warn them they will go to time out if they continue to act obstinate.

Offer rewards like a sticker or behavior chart to encourage your kid to poop in the potty. You know what entices or excites your child, so find something that will inspire them. Sometimes all they require is a high-five and some praise from you.

Promote Independence

Give your child the skills they need to handle as much of the work on their own as possible.

If you’re using the one-on-one approach to toilet training, don’t forget to show them how to wash their hands and clean up after themselves. But give them a chance to clean up first. Then, if they’ve dropped something, you may assist them in getting it back. And praise and encouragement are important too!

Toilet hacks For 4-Year-Olds

If your 4 year old poops in pants and doesn’t care, these hacks will come in handy!

  • Get him to choose his undergarments. It’s crucial since you want him to demonstrate maturity with something essential.
  • Prepare for a full-scale war! It will be difficult for you both as he goes from wearing nappies to not. 
  • Cancel 3 days of activities – Kids will require at least 72 hours of solidarity toilet time.
  • Don’t get scared and expect regressions. – The boys are less interested in toilet training the girls and have more accidents, so buckle up for a long haul! You must be patient, especially if they seem to retreat or go backward before fully committing to using the potty full-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How do you stop a four-year-old from peeing his pants?

If your kid realizes it’s time to go pee during the middle of a poo-poo, offer them some relief by scheduling potty breaks. Some toddlers poop daily, while others do so one or two times weekly.

Q2: What is Encopretic behavior?

Ans: Some children with encopresis have difficulties with regular bowel movements, such as constipation.

Q3: What percentage of four-year-olds are not potty trained?

Ans: The study discovered that only 60 percent of toddlers had mastered the toilet by 36 months, with 2% still untrained at the age of four.

Q4: Is it possible for a kid to outgrow encopresis?

Ans: While some kids will eventually outgrow the condition as they get older, this process could take years without treatment. The issue can endure into adulthood.

Q5: Is it okay if your 5-year-old and 6-year-old poop in pants?

Ans: It isn’t ideal, but it isn’t the world’s end. Be patient and work on designing a strategy to encourage them to use the toilet instead.

Q6: Does a child poop in pants for attention?

Ans: Sometimes, they may be seeking attention because they feel neglected. Other times, they may not be ready to potty train or are going through a regression.


Pooping in pants is a common issue for many four-year-olds. However, there are ways to overcome it! With patience, understanding, and a little creativity, you can help your child transition from diapers to the potty like a pro! For example, try some of the hacks mentioned above or develop your unique solution. Just remember to be supportive and encouraging throughout the process!

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