Baby Blanket Size – Standard Dimension Guide

As a mother, you want to make sure that your precious little one is kept warm and comfy at all times. But finding the right size of baby blanket can be quite tricky.

Whether it’s a swaddle, receiving blanket, or even heavier winter quilts – there are multiple factors to take into account when figuring out what size will best suit your newborn’s needs.

Depending upon what kind of baby blankets you are wanting, the size differs. There are different sizes for different varieties of blankets like crib size, stroller size, lovey size, etc but the standard baby blanket size could be approximately 42”x52” (107×132 cm).

This blog post will discuss baby blanket sizes in detail and help you choose the perfect one for your child!

Baby Blanket Size

What Is The Average Size Of A Baby Blanket?

Blankets aren’t cheap! You don’t want to spend money on them repeatedly. However, the blanket can’t be so large that the infant suffocates. Both square and rectangular blankets are available. You’ll need at least 12-14 baby blankets for your newborn.

Here is an average-size guide for baby blankets:

  • The dimensions of a swaddle blanket should be between 40 and 48 inches squared.
  • Crib blankets may be as small as 36*54 inches or as large as 45*60 inches.

Purchase baby blankets in the sizes most common among infants.

What Are The Standard Blanket Sizes For Blankets?

Blanket Dimensions for Double-Size Bed

The Twin Blanket is 65 by 90 inches and fits twin-sized beds and twin XL mattress sizes. If your kid has outgrown a toddler’s blanket, it’s time to get them a bigger one.

Double Size Blanket Size

This is the most popular blanket size found in all homes. Double blankets are ideal for twin or full beds. After a long day at work, this blanket size would be an excellent choice as a comforter. You may also tuck a child under this blanket, which makes it an excellent choice for adults. The diameter of the double bed blanket is 90 inches and 85 inches wide.

Blanket Size Specifications For A Queen Size

The dimensions of a queen blanket are 90 by 90/100 inches. It will comfortably cover a queen-sized mattress, but you can also use it on a double or full bed.

Blanket Sizes For A King Size Bed

These blankets are 108 by 90-100 inches, perfectly fitting a standard or California king-size bed. With this dimension guide, you now know all the standard blanket sizes. We hope that this makes choosing the right size easier for you.

After all, buying the appropriate-sized blanket is crucial for anyone who wants to enjoy a cozy and comfortable sleep. If you are also a new parent, hopefully, this guide will help steer your future purchases regarding blankets for your little one.

Different Baby Blanket Sizes

Lovey Blanket Size 

These blankets provide newborn babies with a sense of security and are also referred to as security blankets.

They’re also ideal for babies and toddlers since the child gets an object to play with while simultaneously receiving psychological support in new or strange situations. The American Association of Pediatrics recommends letting children a year or older sleep with lovey blankets.

Baby Blanket Size 

Baby blankets are colorful little pieces of material specifically designed for babies. They act as security Blankets, providing them with warmth and support. Most baby blankets measure 14 by 16 inches and are usually crocheted. They come in various colors to keep the baby happy and cheerful.

Cradle Blanket Size 

Welcome your baby home with a cartoon-imprinted cradle blanket that will make them smile. Our blankets are comfy, measure 14×30 inches, and come in various colors. If your child is playful and active, choose a bright green or blue blanket filled with their favorite characters like dinosaurs, elephants, etc.

Preemie Blanket Size 

The Preemie blanket is made of extra-soft baby fingering yarn (specifically chosen for babies). It measures 18 by 24 inches, providing a more snuggly feel than other blankets because it seems as if the infant is still in the womb. This blanket is used by all medical facilities; until the baby reaches maturity, they will be comforted in this preemie blanket.

Receiving Blanket Size 

Babies wrapped in a security blanket always look so content and serene. A receiving blanket is exactly that- it’s the piece of fabric your baby will use often and learn to feel secure with.

You’ll receive a lot of blankets as a new mom. The child will benefit from receiving blankets since it gives them an easy-breezy and relaxing atmosphere. It’s made out of thin cloth and measures 40 by 40 inches. It’s squishy, making it perfect for use as a swaddling blanket, burp cloth, tummy time blanket, and so on.

Crib Blanket Size 

The ideal quick emergency for your toddler, while they’re in the crib is a crib blanket. You don’t have to worry about germs harming your baby if they spit, drool, swaddle, or do bad fun things.

Decorative Throw Blanket Size

Lapghan Baby Blanket Size 

With a Lapghan blanket, you no longer have to go all out and button down a sweater to take a walk or buy some chips from the grocery store across the street. Using a Lapghan blanket will do the job more perfectly and elegantly.

Lapghan blankets come in various bright colors and designs, including ombre patterns, block-stitch designs, cake yarn designs, patriotic crochet patterns, and more. Made from yarn, this Lapghan or lap-size Afghan blanket can be a wonderful present for any of your old pals or grandmothers. It covers the knees and shins and is extremely useful on chilly nights.

Afghan Blanket Size 

An Afghan blanket is the perfect home decor item you can add to your room. This enduringly popular blanket originates from Afghanistan. It’s expertly designed with karakul wool, resulting in a beautiful and stylish piece that emits dreamy, chic, and bohemian vibes.

Throw Blanket Size 

You can use it as a makeshift cover while you watch movies on your couch. The blanket size might not be comfortable enough to sleep in, though.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why are baby blankets square?

Ans: The purpose of square baby blankets is to help develop your infant’s motor skills.

Q2: Is a stroller blanket necessary for your baby?

Ans: Stroller blankets are beautiful, handcrafted items that keep babies warm in a stroller or car seat. They’re not necessary to purchase, but if you do decide you want one, they usually range from 30-40 inches in size.

Q3: What size blankets should I get for my infant?

Ans: The average size of blankets varies depending on the sort. Swaddling blankets, for example, are square and measure between 40 and 48 inches. A receiving blanket is required, most commonly from 18 to 36 inches in length.

Q4: How big should a baby shawl be?

Ans: A baby shawl is a rectangular blanket worn over the shoulders. It is usually about 36 inches long and 30 inches wide.

Q5: What is the best size for a knitted blanket?

Ans: The size of your knitted blanket will depend on the needles you’re using and the type of yarn. For a standard-size afghan, you’ll need about 1150 yards of medium worsted weight yarn and US size 11 (eight-millimeter) knitting needles.


Now that you know the different sizes of baby blankets, you can choose the perfect one for your needs. Keep in mind that the size of the blanket will depend on the purpose for which you’re using it. Choose a smaller size for swaddling and a larger size for a stroller or car seat blanket. You can also find beautiful Lapghan blankets, which are perfect for chilly evenings. Whatever size you choose, make sure it’s comfortable for your baby.

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