Baby Poop Smells Like Burnt Hair – What Is Wrong?

When you become a parent, one of the first things you learn is that baby poop smells like burnt hair. Every new parent learns this quickly and becomes used to the particular smell. But do you know why baby poop smells so bad?

In this blog post, we will look at the science behind baby poop odor and find out why it smells the way it does. Also, answer the question as to why does my poop smell like burnt hair!

Baby Poop Smells Like Burnt Hair

Why Does Baby Poop Smell Like Burnt Hair?

After you’ve changed your baby’s diaper a couple of times, you might notice some odd smells.

Several reasons your baby’s diaper might smell unpleasant, such as new food, virus or bacterial infection, or dehydration. However, sweeter odors usually mean that the newborn is healthy, especially if they are breastfed.

Most of the time, these odors dissipated on their own or changed into something else as we introduced new foods. If your infant has additional symptoms such as green or black stools, blood in the stool, vomiting, a fever, and so on, a virus or bacteria might be to blame.

The odor should disappear once you’ve dealt with the other issue in this situation. This can also be the answer why does my poop smell like burnt hair?

What Does Normal Baby Poop Smell Like?

Normal baby poop smells like, well, poop. It will not smell like roses or anything, but it shouldn’t smell too incredibly bad. If your baby’s poop smells foul or smells like a burnt rubber, there could be a problem.

A few things can cause baby poop smells like burnt tire. One is an infection, which can cause the stool to smell sour. Another is constipation, which can make the stool smell rancid. And lastly, certain foods can also cause baby poop to have a stronger odor.

They’ll be able to help you determine if there’s a problem and how to treat it.

So there you have it! Now you know what normal baby poop smells like and what can cause it to smell worse than usual.

Can Baby Diapers Have Different Scents?

Poop and pee from newborns are unusual. As your baby’s body develops and adjusts to eating various meals, its feces and urine will exhibit a range of distinct smells, colors, consistencies, and other oddities during the first couple of years.

Know that most color, consistency, and odor changes are completely natural parts of a baby’s development and will generally go away or normalize with time if your child’s bowel movement is runny, dark red or black, mucusy, or white.

If your infant’s stools are watery, sticky, foul-smelling, or pale in tone, they may be suffering from a more serious medical condition that demands immediate attention.

This is especially true if unusual feces symptoms arise with other issues like fever, vomiting, etc. It’s still a treatable problem in most cases, but now is the time to seek expert medical help!

What Should I Do If The Diaper Has a Soured Milk Or Vinegar Smell?

The odor of vinegar or sour milk when changing a diaper is quite typical. Cow’s milk and breast milk have an identical lactose concentration of 7%.

Problems arise when the baby’s lactase production is insufficient to keep up with the amount of lactose fed to them via bottle or breastfeeding, owing to overfeeding.

It does not imply that your infant is lactose intolerant just because she has a brief lactose overload; nevertheless, if the problem persists, it might indicate lactose intolerance.

What Should You Do If Your Diaper Smells Burnt?

Unlike other concerns like baby poop smells like burnt hair, the reasons for the unpleasant smell of burning plastic escaping your baby’s diaper are unknown.

However, if you only notice an odor that comes and goes without any other symptoms in your child, it’s likely something they ate (if they’re eating solids) or something you ate (if you’re nursing). Additionally, this probably isn’t dangerous.

For many sufferers, a milk allergy was the reason. Even if you exclusively breastfeed your baby, mom’s milk might cause issues if she drinks it before feedings. Reduce dairy intake (if you’re breastfeeding) for a few days to see what happens.

This can signify that you’re sensitive to something or have an allergy which make your poop smells like burnt rubber, so figuring out what it is might need some elimination

What If The Poop Has A Metallic Smell?

When changing a diaper, detecting a metallic smell might be alarming, and there are a few reasons for this. The relative concentration of minerals and other chemicals in your baby’s urine may rise when they’re dehydrated, giving it a slightly metallic odor.

If you think dehydration is to blame, look for additional indications such as seldom wet diapers, dark yellow urine, lethargy, listlessness, and a hollow soft spot on the top of your child’s head.

Your baby has an illness caused by a specific bacteria that gives urine a distinctive metallic fragrance or some say poop smell like burnt matches, which serves as a fast-identifying indicator. However, because it’s typically found in nursing homes, you shouldn’t have to worry about this with your baby.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What does a tar-like baby poop smell signify?

Ans: A tar-like baby poop smell usually signifies an infection in the gut or a blockage in the intestines.

Q2: What does it imply if your feces smell like chemicals?

Ans: If your feces smells like chemicals, it may be a sign of liver damage. If you have this type of odor, it is important to seek medical attention immediately.

Q3: Why does the baby’s poop have a foreign odor?

Ans: Babies generally have little to no odor in their stool during the first several days. However, as their gut becomes colonized by bacteria, the smell of their excrement increases. This is common for all babies and nothing to worry about. Over time, your baby’s stool will change in odor, color, and consistency; this is simply due to them getting used to different types of food as they grow older.

Q4: When should I be concerned about the odor of baby poop?

Ans: If your baby’s feces stinks, they may be allergic to anything they’ve eaten. You don’t have to be concerned, and the issue may be temporary since the infant is adjusting to the way of life and its body is taking time to digest meals. Consult a doctor if your stools are bloody, black, or mucousy.

Q5: What color is baby poop when they have a milk allergy?

Ans: If your baby has a milk allergy, their poop may be green or yellow.

Q6: Why does it smell like burnt hair in my bathroom?

This is because the water takes up space in the drain, which prevents air from flowing through and causing a stink.

Q7: Why does my poop smell like hot tar?

There are two probable causes for the inputted symptoms.

• An infection is one possible explanation.

• Gastrointestinal bleeding is another possibility.


Baby poop smells like burnt hair for many reasons. It could be something they ate, a milk allergy, or dehydration. If you notice a change in the color or consistency of your baby’s poop, it is important to seek medical attention immediately.

However, most often, the reason for the unpleasant smell is unknown and not dangerous. Hopefully, you have found the reason why does my poop smell like burnt hair.

Although usually nothing to be concerned about, any changes in your baby’s poop should be discussed with a doctor. This is pertinent if there are changes in color, consistency, or frequency. Additionally, if you’re worried about the smell of your baby’s feces, ask your doctor.

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