Best Baby Carrier for Back Pain (2023)

Using a baby carrier has several advantages, including better sleep for the baby, less crying, and allowing parents to accomplish other tasks while keeping their hands free. 

However, if you suffer from back pain, wearing a baby carrier that puts a 10-pound weight on your chest for extended periods can be uncomfortable. 

No need to worry about carrying your child despite the pain, as I have discovered some of the best baby carriers for addressing back pain, offering appropriate support to your body.

Parents with back pain cannot make a random baby carrier selection. They must consider many factors, from the baby’s position and ergonomic design to comfort. 

I have listed six of the best baby carriers with padded shoulder straps so you can easily carry your kid. 

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Best Baby Carrier for Plus Size

LÍLLÉbaby Complete

Soft Baby Carrier. 

Machine Washable. 

Easy to Use.

Best Overall

BabyBjörn Baby Carrier One

Breathable Mesh. 

Better Back Support. 

Optimal Comfort. 

Best All-Position

Ergobaby Omni 360

Five Carry Positions. 

Removable Storage Pouch. 

Adjustable Shoulder Straps. 

Best Baby Carrier for Back Pain

#1 Best Overall: BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One

Best Baby Carrier for Back Pain

Do you need a comfortable baby carrier for your newborn? If so, you should pick BabyBjorn Baby Carrier. This ergonomic baby carrier feels comfortable and can hold children from 0-36 months.  

This baby carrier gets an overall rating of 4.8/5 

  • It comes with padded shoulder straps. 
  • It has a padded waist belt for better back support. 
  • It is machine washable. 

BabyBjorn Baby Carrier is the best overall baby carrier with a shoulder strap type. It distributes baby weight evenly. 

Why buy BabyBjorn Baby Carrier?

  • It comes with two carrying positions.  
  • Leg opening size can be adjusted for optimal comfort. 
  • It is made of soft mesh. 

BabyBjorn is one of the best soft-structured carriers with a unique design and excellent back support. It has a large, thick counter pillow supporting the entire lumbar area. 

The outer fabric of the carrier is cushy, lightweight, and airy. Its shoulder strap has thick padding and a mesh cover. All the straps are connected with a special clip between the shoulder blades. It’s a must-have for petite moms with back pain. 

Compared to other baby carriers, BabyBjorn is the best because it has extra built-in back support. It offers even weight distribution and takes the pressure off your back. 

You won’t get a chest strap with this carrier. Instead, there is a clip for easy usage. You can easily adjust the straps without struggling to reach the back. It’s a great choice for parents with reduced shoulder mobility. 

With this baby carrier on your side, you won’t experience hip or pelvic straining and weak abdominal muscles. 

What You Will Love About This Product 

  • It can be used in inward and forward-facing positions. 
  • It has breathable mesh. 
  • It uses soft material. 

What You Won’t Love About This Product 

  • It doesn’t have storage pockets. 
  • It is pricey but worth it. 

#2 Best Baby Carrier for Plus Size: Lillebaby Complete All Seasons Ergonomic 6-in-1 Baby Carrier 

Lillebaby Complete is the most trusted best baby carrier for back pain because it has many wonderful features. It has adjustable shoulder straps for extra comfort and a wide belt for extra lumbar support. 

This baby carrier gets an overall rating of 4.6/5 

  • It is certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as a Hip-Healthy product. 
  • It is machine washable. 
  • It is made of polyester and cotton. 

Lillebaby Complete baby carrier is the best baby gear for plus size, designed to provide extra support for the lumbar spine. It helps relieve pressure off the lower part of the back. It can accommodate toddlers up to 60 pounds. 

Why buy Lillebaby Complete Carrier?

  • You can wear this carrier in six different ergonomic positions. 
  • It can be used in every season. 
  • It is perfect for newborns to toddlers. 

Lillebaby Complete is a must-have baby carrier because it has a wide belt for equal weight distribution. It offers extra lumbar support for better stability. It’s an impressive baby carrier for plus size. 

Shoulder straps are easy to adjust. That means you can use it crossed or parallel. If you have back-related problems, adjusting the shoulder strap in X-configuration is advised to get the best support. 

This particular baby carrier has an ergonomic design for you and your kid. Baby’s leg in this wrap is positioned as recommended for better hip development. The soft material is used for the construction, so it doesn’t cause back hyperextension. 

All the baby carrier straps are wrapped well, so they don’t irritate while you carry your baby around. There is a chest strap with protective padding. It encourages even weight distribution, improves stability, and reduces shoulder strain. 

The baby carrier has a temperature-regulation panel and sun hood to carry your kid around comfortably. It can be used as a backpack carrier.  

Overall, this soft-structured baby carrier is easy to use and comfortable. Parents with back pain or heavy kids should purchase it. 

What You Will Love About This Product 

  • It offers four different carrying positions. 
  • It can be used by people of average height and tall people. 
  • It is a soft baby carrier. 

What You Won’t Love About This Product 

  • It feels bulky. 
  • There is no pocket for a sleeping hood. 

#3 Best All-Position Baby Carrier: Ergobaby Omni

If you want to purchase an all-carrying position baby carrier, Ergobaby Omni should be your choice. It comes with padded lumbar support to keep the back comfortable throughout the day. 

This baby carrier gets an overall rating of 4.4/5 

  • It comes with five carry positions. 
  • It is available in a variety of shades. 
  • It includes a removable storage pouch. 

Ergobaby Omni is one of the best all-position baby carriers for the back. It feels comfortable and supported to wear. 

Why buy Ergobaby Omni?

  • It is machine washable. 
  • It has adjustable shoulder straps. 
  • It can be used for growing babies from newborns to toddlers. 

Ergobaby Omni has a thick lumbar pillow for better lower back support. Its wide waist belt with cushy padding can be easily adjusted per different body types. The shoulder straps are thick and crossable. Even with so much padding, this baby carrier does not feel bulky. 

With this baby carrier on your side, you don’t need a separate infant insert. It can also be used in hip carry positions for proper hip development. Infants can rest inside the wrap in a spread squat and healthy M-shaped position. 

It’s the safest and healthiest baby carrier for spine development. It comes with an attached hood for protection from the sun or privacy during nursing. 

It’s one of the best backpack carriers with a detachable pouch. The breathable mesh of this carrier promotes sufficient airflow to keep you and your baby comfortable. 

Hurry and purchase this baby carrier or all-day support and adjustable fit. 

What You Will Love About This Product 

  • It is made of soft material. 
  • A sturdy waist belt is added for maximum comfort. 
  • One-handed slider adjustment. 

What You Won’t Love About This Product 

  • It is pricey but worth it. 
  • Bulky to store. 

#4 Best Baby Carrier for Hot Weather: Baby Tula Coast Explore Mesh Baby Carrier 

Baby Tula Coast is an impressive baby carrier with three weight adjustments and two height settings. It has temperature-regulating settings to keep the babies from 7 to 45 lbs comfortable. 

This baby carrier for back support gets an overall rating of 4.6/5 

  • It is made of cotton. 
  • It can be easily washed in a machine. 
  • You can wear it with the shoulder straps closed. 

Baby Tula Coast is an ideal summer baby carrier for infants to toddlers. With this carrier, you don’t need an extra infant insert. 

Why buy Baby Tula Coast?

  • It is available in different shades. 
  • It maintains sufficient breathability. 
  • It is easy to use. 

Baby Tula Coast should be your choice if you want to purchase a baby carrier for hot weather. It is made using large mesh panels to maintain airflow. The extra ventilation keeps the baby dry and comfortable all day long. 

The 100% lightweight cotton material is easy to wash and dry. It comes with extra thick padding for better neck and head support. It can be used in multiple positions, including face-in, face-out, and back carry. Each of these positions provides healthy hip and spine development. 

This innovative baby carrier features easy to adjust the design. As your baby grows, you can adjust it in three-width settings. The extra padded shoulder straps offer the best shoulder support. The padded leg opening keeps the baby comfortable throughout the day. 

What You Will Love About This Product 

  • It is less bulky than other baby carriers for hot weather. 
  • It allows ergonomic baby positioning. 
  • Removable mesh hood. 

What You Won’t Love About This Product  

  • You need to purchase additional lumbar support. 
  • Sun hood doesn’t have a zipper storage. 

#5 Best Adjustable Strap: Beco Gemini Cool Baby Carrier 

Are you looking for an all-position baby carrier available at a pocket-friendly price? If so, you should get your hands on Beco Gemini Cool. It comes in different shades and has a minimum weight requirement of 7 pounds. 

This baby carrier gets an overall rating of 4.3/5 

  • It is machine washable. 
  • It keeps the kid comfortable and safe. 
  • It is easy to carry. 

Beco Gemini Cool is a unique infant carrier that grows with your kid to 35 lbs. It can be used in backpack carrier style. 

Why buy Beco Gemini Cool?

  • It supports hip carry position and promotes a healthy hip. 
  • For infants, parents can snap the seat into a narrow seat position. 
  • It comes with waist belt extenders.  

Beco Gemini Cool is a premium baby carrier with soft baby chest carrier features. Its adjustable seat grows from newborn to toddlerhood. 

It has moisture-wicking microfiber fabric and a breathable 3D mesh panel for better airflow. It has a built-in headrest and padded leg opening so your kid can stay comfortable all day. 

The crossable straps offer optimal weight distribution. You also get a padded waist belt for added support. There is a pocket in the baby carrier to store phones or keys. 

It’s a multi-function carrier with four carry positions. You can either use it as an inward or front-facing carrier. It can even be used as one of the best backpack carriers. You can easily adjust it without worrying about any parts getting lost. 

What You Will Love About This Product 

  • The dual-buckle of the carrier makes breastfeeding easy. 
  • Safety catches on the shoulders straps buckle. 
  • Sternum strap on the adjustable rail. 

What You Won’t Love About This Product 

  • No sleep hood. 
  • Lower weight limit. 

Things to Consider While Purchasing Baby Carrier 

Here’s a list of factors you must consider before buying a baby carrier. It will help you get your hands on the most amazing type of baby gear. 

Age and Weight Distribution

Regular pieces of clothing like scarves can only support a limited amount of weight. But babies weigh a bit more than 6 lbs. That means a durable and sturdy baby carrier is better. 

Some parents like to purchase carriers with connected seats so the infant’s position can be easily modified. In contrast, others choose zippers or ruffled cords to adjust the base and back quickly. 

No matter what baby carrier you pick for back support, it should have an equal weight distribution so you can easily carry your baby. 

Easy to Use 

When you purchase this baby gear for baby carrying, it’s better to choose a simple one. That’s because it’s best not to rely on anyone to put on the baby carrier. 

The baby carrier’s clothes, buckles, or suspenders must be easily fastened to the back. A simple design can make putting on and taking off more convenient.  

The best way to check the ease of use of a baby carrier is to use it a few times. If you don’t feel comfortable, exchange it for a better one. 

Baby Carrying Position 

The best infant baby carrier allows creating frog or M posture. The Baby’s leg is bent with knees over the baby’s hip and bottom. The back is in the shape of a C. Keep the kid near the heartbeat to prevent issues like hip dysplasia. 


Look for premium baby carriers with ergonomic designs for you and the baby. A better ergonomic design for babies is great for their health as it keeps them in a natural position. 

Likewise, ergonomic baby carriers are also great for you because they evenly distribute the weight. You can adjust it to height and carry your kid around without discomfort. 

This is essential for natural hip and spine development:

  • The baby carrier must have a wide seat to support the baby’s bottom properly. Such a carrier also keeps the baby’s leg in Jockey Position. 
  • As newborns have a C-shaped spine, the carrier should support their back. The material should be soft so the kid doesn’t feel uncomfortable. Do not pick a baby carrier with too hard a back because your kid will stay in a too straight position, which is not good.
  • The carrier should position your baby close enough but must not be uncomfortably tight.  

Fabric and Comfort 

An infant carrier of breathable fabric can keep the kid comfortable throughout the day. Additionally, it must have safe materials, wide padded straps, multiple sets of a supportive waist belt, height bands, and lumbar support. Best baby carriers even have two-leg openings.  


Durable and convenient baby carriers for back support costs more than wraps and ring slings. Depending on the model and features, the price can easily increase. But you can quickly find a cheaper option if you want a simple baby wrap carrier with limited features.  

If you wish to use the baby wraps several times, choosing a cheaper option is better. But if you have back problems and plan to use them for more time, pick a structured model with impressive features. 

In short, analyze your needs and priorities. Then set a budget and make a purchase accordingly so you don’t exceed. 

Wide Lumbar Support

The lower back, i.e., the lumbar spine, supports most of the upper body’s weight. In simple terms, lumbar support is similar to back support. Such baby wraps are great for carrying kids around for hours without sharp back pain.   

Padded Shoulder Straps

Extra padded shoulder straps are great because they are connected for more structure. These are designed for parents with sharp back pain because the design allows equal weight distribution along the shoulders. 

Along with finding extra padded shoulder straps, look for baby carriers with sufficient padding. This way, you can ensure optimal weight distribution and better overall comfort. 


Spending time with kids is bliss, but parents with severe back pain experience discomfort while carrying them around. That’s why I have listed six useful baby carriers from which you can choose one. Or you can make an individual purchase by choosing a baby carrier, depending on the buying guide.  

Best baby carriers for back pain have better lumbar support, adjustable shoulder straps, back support, weight distribution, proper carrier position, neck support, padded waist belt, soft material, and even a detachable storage pouch. 

Such a carrier keeps your kid close to you and prevents back pain. Thus, you must invest in the best back carriers to spend quality time with your kid without back aches. 

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