Best High Back Booster Seat For Travel (2023)

So, have you been traveling with your little ones since they were little and finally reached the booster stage? Then you must feel like winning a jackpot! Isn’t it? After lugging around for years, now you can finally rest at ease. And trust us; this place is exactly what you were looking for.

Through this review, we’ve tried incorporating some real-world experience to help you guide with the best buy; in collaboration with our expertise, you’ll be ready to invest in the right product.

Just some quick pro tips, prior we delve even deeper. While shopping for boosters, you must look for those that are not FAA-approved, portable, lightweight, easy to install, and user-friendly. If it fits the criteria, then congratulations! You are all set to lay your hands on them. 

After rigorous research, we have enlisted some best high back portable booster seats to guide you through this journey.

Best high back booster seat for travel

Best Design

Bubble Bum Inflatable

Easy to Fit in Tiny Places.

Pocket Friendly

Great for Travel

Best Overall

Graco TurboBooster

Secure and Perfect Fit.

Machine Washable.

Easy To Install.

Best Affordable

Diono Cambria 2 XL

8 Years Life Expectancy.

Super Lightweight.

Awesome Booster.

The list below has the best picks that you can rely on. Thus wait no further and read along to have detailed knowledge about them:

#1 Best Overall:  Graco TurboBooster Backless Booster Car Seat, Dinorama

Best High Back Booster Seat For Travel

If you are rummaging through the stores looking for a backless coaster car set, then TurboBooster must be your perfect option. Fully committed to your safety and comfort, this seat has a required height of 4 inches, thus raising your children when seated.

This car seat has an overall rating of 4.8/5

  • Hideaway cup holders can carry water bottles or snacks to munch in.
  • weigh 5.1 pounds, and 57 inches is its average height
  • Available at considerably reduced rates on Amazon at $24.99

One of the best innovations of Graco and supposedly America’s bestselling backless booster and has undergone rigorous tests to meet the US safety standards.

The backless booster comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty and a life expectancy of 10 years.

Why Buy Graco TurboBooster Backless Booster Car Seat?

  • This best travel booster seat can be converted from a backpack to a booster in a fraction of second
  • This backless booster is approved and verified as hand luggage by the majority of the airlines
  • The fold-out belt guides and the vehicle’s seat belt adjuster and supports provide a secure and perfect fit.

Besides the above, the metal and plastic parts of this travel booster seat are washable with soap and water. This booster is the ultimate choice that includes a soft cushioned seat and armrest to enjoy a peaceful journey.

What You’ll Love About This Product

  • This travel booster seat is super lightweight and perfect for installation with the step-by-step instruction manual.
  • This travel booster seat comes with an adjustable padded armrest.
  • The deluxe seat cushions of this travel booster seat are machine washable and come off easily.

What You Won’t Love About This Product 

  • Not equipped with a latch system generally found in standard booster car seats. Increasing the chances of danger when applying emergency brakes.
  • This travel booster seat offers inadequate torso support and an improper side-impact protection system.

#2 Best Stylish: Mifold Grab-And-Go Booster Seat-3X Thicker Cushion

Measuring 17 cm wide, 25.3 cm deep, and 8 cm, this is one of the best compact and foldable travel bags you can probably get. Though it doesn’t have side impact protection, it doesn’t need it as it meets the safety standards. It’s the best foldable booster seat.

  • This car seat has an overall rating of 4/5
  • The maximum height for using Mifold is 150 cm.
  • Ideal to be used by children aged 4-12 years

The exceptional design of the premium quality friction-fabric and dense foam seat is phenomenal and sturdy.

It’s an intelligent combination of aircraft-grade aluminum and tough polymer. Making its durability reliable.

Why Buy Mifold Grab-and-Go Booster?

  • The best attribute of this product is its mobility; it can easily and quickly be moved from car to car.
  • Weighing only 1.5 lbs, it’s the lightest amongst the group.
  • The seat even comes with a travel bag worth £15

It also claims the safety of any standard traditional booster cushion while keeping its same design easy and foldable.

An ultra-micro car seat specifically engineered for grown-up children that adjusts itself overhead luggage holds or in the taxi. Its the best portable booster seat.

What You’ll Love About This Product

  • Its an extremely lightweight portable booster seat
  • It is manufactured from superior quality products
  • Affordable and pocket-friendly rates

What You Won’t Love About This Product 

  • The crash test results are the lowest.
  • Not easy to install
  • It can be a bit uncomfortable while in use.

#3 Best Lightweight:  Hifold fit-and-fold Highback Booster Car Seat

World’s most adjustable grab-and-go high back booster that you’ll probably find. And possibly the lightest booster car seat ever. It is the lightest travel booster seat.

In true words, it is a wish come true for many families looking for a portable, lightweight, and safe booster seat. 

This car seat has an overall rating of 4.5/5

  • The net weight is 4 kg, so it is easily portable. When folded requires only a modest space to store.
  • Certainly, meets and exceeds international safety standards.
  • Consists of a four-layer design and six impact protection zones on both sides of the hip.

Crafted from advanced, premium lightweight materials that absorb energy better than traditional standard seats. Hifold is one such seat with strong cushioning and shockproofing inbuilt features. It’s the best portable booster seat.

Why Buy A Hifold Fit-And-Fold Booster?

  • With more than 200 adjustable points, it can be adjusted perfectly according to the growing frame of your child.
  • The head support allows your kid to take mini naps during the journey.
  • The frame is intelligently crafted from high-grade impact-resistant materials lined by cushy paddings. 

The current records state that more than half a million hifold booster seats have been sold in more than 160 countries, thus securing its position as a global booster seat.

What You’ll Love About This Product

  • Offers outstanding sleeping comfort and support compared to other standard seats like bubblegum.
  • No additional parts need to be fixed.
  • Easy for kids to adjust and buckle the seat on their own.

What You Won’t Love About This Product 

  • Requires some practice to fold it up.
  • Every time you unfold it, some adjustments need to be made.
  • The seating area is shallow and might not be comfortable to be used by grown-up kids

#4  Best Design: The Bubblebum Backless Inflatable Booster Car Seat, Pink Chevron

It is one of the favorite booster seats ideal for travel, short trip in a rented car, or any tight space. Designed of heavy-duty plastic and double foam padding and resembles a life jacket. Has little chance of being deflated. You need to press it hard and squeeze to deflate it, or else it will keep re-inflating itself. Read this Bubblebum booster seat review.

This car seat has an overall rating of 4.3/5

  • The average child’s weight range is between 40-100 lbs, and their height is 40-57 inches.
  • The seating depth is of this inflatable booster seat 12 inches, and the width is 12 inches
  • It’s one of the best inflatable booster seats, available with a carrying bag

Despite its miniature size, this inflatable booster seat surprisingly does well with a huge variety of kids. Offers appropriate belt fits on all sorts of booster riders.

Why Buy The BubbleBum Backless Booster Seat?

  • The new belt guides of Bubblebum booster seats are super easy to go through and apply.
  • The lifespan of this inflatable booster seat is approximately 4 years from purchase, but make sure to replace it after a crash.
  • This backless travel booster can be easily purchased from Amazon or any online retail store.  

Bubblebum booster seat is currently available in vibrant shades of pink, chevron, black and silver fashions.

What You’ll Love About This Product

  • It fits quite easily in tiny spaces.
  • Pocket friendly and inexpensive, making it ideal as an emergency purchase.
  • Super portable and can be carried almost anywhere, it can fit in your backpack.

What You Won’t Love About This Product 

  • While it’s one of the best backless booster seats, it’s inappropriate for larger kids.
  • At times, it can be tippy.

#5 Most Affordable: Diono Cambria 2 XL, Dual Latch Connectors, 2-in-1 Belt-Positioning Booster Seat

Are you on a budget and looking for a budget comfortable booster seat that will provide basic safety for your kids and toddlers? Then we would recommend Diono Cambria 2XL as the ultimate option for you. It is suitable for children and a great travel car seat.

Perfect for kids who are 4 years and above, the booster is available with a wide space of 18.5 inches.

This car seat has an overall rating of 4.7/5

  • The max weight limit is 120 pounds, and the height is 63 inches.
  • Comes with an 8 years life expectancy and 36 months of extended warranty.
  • The Cambria 2XL is super lightweight and safe and provides the most comfortable ride that your kid will ever experience.

The detachable high back and the two amazing modes make it the best 2-in-2 booster you will ever come across.

Why Buy Diono Cambria 2 XL 2022?

  • Phenomenal with its height and weight.
  • Ample room for fitting and movement.
  • Comes with an extended warranty and has two attached cup holders fixed to it.

The booster has gone through various tests to meet the safety standards in the US. It is certified to be used in cars, trucks, and various multipurpose passenger vehicles only.

The installation is also pretty simple, quite similar to stander car seats. It offers two installation methods, the Latch and the seat belt.

What You’ll Love About This Product

  • It comes in an XL size to add that extra roomy space.
  • It has two modes for booster. It is suitable for children.
  • Weighs only 12.8 pounds, lighter than the bulky convertibles.

What You Won’t Love About This Product 

  • It is not recommended to be installed in airplanes.
  • It cannot fit 3 across.

#6 Best for road trips: RideSafer Travel Vest Gen 5

When it comes to boosters, it can be said that boosters are used to boost the child up, for the belt to fall along the body, just as it happens for an adult. The Ridersafe travel vest is certainly one such wearable booster that holds the seatbelt in its exact position. 

It’s lightweight and can be stored in a backpack or clipped onto a purse.

This car seat has an overall rating of 4.5/5

  • The maximum weight is 2 lbs. It is suitable for children
  • Small, extremely lightweight, portable, and easy to pack and fits in hand luggage or your backpack.
  • Well-equipped with exact seatbelt positions in all circumstances. 

Two basic models of Ridersafe are available. And the best part is that both have a head pillow and do a phenomenal job positioning the seat belt.

Why Buy RideSafer Travel Vest?

  • It’s an invaluable product specially designed for the comfort and safety of your child.
  • Available in 2 distinct sizes, ideal for 3-10 years who weigh 30 to 80 lbs.
  • Perfect for fitting 3- across in your back seat when heading for those unexpected carpools.

This travel vest comes with a removable headrest; this option is certainly one of the great factors for an improved nap time in the car. An added perk is the fact that it’s reusable.

What You’ll Love About This Product

  • It can be rolled up to the size of a 2L soda bottle.
  • It keeps kids better seated when compared to a traditional booster seat.
  • Comes along with a life expectancy of 10 years. It is suitable for children

What You Won’t Love About This Product 

  • Wrong side impacts protection, unlike a standard high back booster seat.
  • Not allowed to be carried in airplanes.
  • Requires practice and time to get the perfect belt fit.

#7. Best adjustable: Graco Plastic High Back Turbo Booster Child Seat

Of late, Graco has provided some of the top-rated high-back booster seats that are ideal for children aged 4 to 10, particularly those who weigh around 30-100 pounds. With dimensions ranging from 26.5H x 16.5 W x 15D. This high back booster seat is certainly worth considering for parents.

This car seat has an overall rating of 4/5

  • Appropriate for children who weigh 30-100 lbs or for kids around the age of 4- 10 years
  • After having undergone multiple crashing tests to meet and exceed the US standards FMVSS 213.
  • Engineered with energy-absorbing foam for effective impact energy-absorbing management.  It is suitable for children

The height is easily adjustable in the booster seat; all you need to do is pull the handle at the headrest and pull the seat up. That’s all!

Why Buy Graco Plastic High Back Turbo Booster Child Seat?

  • It comes along with a multi-layer adjustable headrest for comfort and ease.
  • Intelligently designed with full coverage support even for grown-up kids.
  • It has a fully adjustable safety harness that ensures the security of your child.

The best part of buying a Graco Plastic high-back turbo booster is its affordability. Parents need not shell out money to get this booster seat. Further, it’s well-designed and trustworthy. 

What You’ll Love About This Product

  • Super comfortable and made of absorbing foam. It is suitable for children
  • The Graco plastic high-back turbo booster child seat. It has a suitable shoulder belt positioning clip.
  • Manageable and easy to clean, implying that the car booster is machine washable.

What You Won’t Love About This Product 

  • It doesn’t include car seat latch connectors.
  • Not appropriate for cars that have a front-leaning headrest.

You can also buy a Trunki booster seat for a rental car as it can be used with a car seat belt, vehicle seat, back seat, and many car seats.

Buying Guide For High Back Booster Seats For Travel

#1 Safety

High-backed booster seats are certainly the safest of all, as they are designed to offer the ultimate protection to your child’s head and neck in case of a side-impact crash. But you must also realize that it can’t be carried everywhere. While getting a booster seat, ensure it is approved and has checked the safety tests.

#2 Weight And Size

The weight and size of your kid are yet another factor worth considering. Ensure you know your kids’ exact measurements to get the perfect booster seat. And it fits them perfectly. Some booster seats are ideal for shorter trips, while others are for longer trips. Choose the one that suits your preference. 

#3 Versatility:

A few seats are specifically engineered to serve more than one purpose. Rather can be used for various needs. The one perfect for limited space that wouldn’t pinch your pocket much must always be opted for.

#4 Comfortable

Comfort is also an important fact that needs to be considered. The journey will be manageable if the seat is comfortable for your child. The head and the back must rest in a perfect position to keep your little one traveling easily. 

#5 Reasonable cost

Don’t go for car seats that will cost you a fortune. Rather, try to stick to those booster seats that are reasonable and won’t pinch your pocket. It’s not always necessary that the costlier the seat, the better it will be. It is often observed that even great seats can be purchased at reduced and affordable rates.


It is crucial to keep in mind when you are looking for that perfect booster seat to ensure that your child’s safety standards are met rather they exceed your child’s seat requirements.

You can get a folding booster seat, convertible booster seat, child booster seat, compact booster seat, portable booster car seat, regular booster seat, inflatable booster seat, foldable booster car seat, or small booster seat for your own car. There are several travel booster seat options for a middle seat with a seat pad, lap belt, and other accessories like a cup holder. 

A few other relevant factors that are important as well are that they are cost-effective and easy to install. After considering and analyzing the facts, you can go ahead with the popular choices we’ve enlisted above. And if any one of them clicks, don’t hesitate and go along with purchasing the booster seat.

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