Best Pregnancy Pillow (2023)

It’s common to have trouble sleeping while pregnant. You can also experience new pains, aches, and often insomnia. Probably the best solution here is to get a pregnancy pillow.   

Of course, every sleeper is different, and they have unique needs. Likewise, pregnancy pillows are also different. So, how will you choose the right pillow? 

Don’t worry; I have reviewed and listed seven pregnancy pillows so you can stay related through all 40 weeks. I have also shared a buying guide you can follow if you shop alone. 

Read on to get started.

Best C-Shaped Pillow

Leachco Snoogle Pillow

Chiropractor Recommended.

Dryer Safe.

Full Body Support. 

Best Overall

Queen Rose Pillow

Awesome Support

Reversible Cover

Perfect Size.

Best Memory Foam

Coop Home Body Pillows

Full Body Support.

Pocket-Friendly Price.

Durable Memory Foam

Best Pregnancy Pillow 

#1 Best Overall Pillow: Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow

Best Pregnancy Pillow

If you want the most comfortable U-shaped pregnancy pillow for all trimesters, Queen Rose should be your choice. This pillow can replace up to 5 other pillows by creating cushioning from all angles. 

This pregnancy pillow gets an overall rating of 4.9/5. 

  • It comes with a reversible cover. 
  • You can purchase it in three size options. 
  • It comes in different colors. 

Queen Rose pregnancy pillow is the best option because it offers comfortable cushioning from all sides. Its fabric cover is 100% soft and smooth. 

Why buy Queen Rose?

  • It is designed to offer complete support to the body. 
  • The high-quality filling of the pillow offers rebound efficiency. 
  • The pillow can be used to get extra support during sleeping, reading, and relaxing. 

Properly stuffed with polyester fiber and covered in jersey cotton, the Rose Queen pillow offers the right supportive feel. It is one of the best U-shaped pillows. 

The versatile and ergonomic U-shape design of this pillow drapes along the body. It supports your belly, legs, back, and neck. Chiropractors also recommend this pillow for pressure and back pain relief from injury or pregnancy. 

This U-shaped pillow is designed exceptionally to fit the body curves. It helps reduce leg swelling and pressure pain during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters.  

Besides expected moms, this pillow is also a perfect sleep buddy for side sleepers. That’s because it offers the right spinal alignment and posture. With this U-shaped pillow on your side, you won’t experience toasting and turning all night.

Use this premium pillow anywhere you want. Nestel yourself right in its middle and allow the lofty pillow sides to cradle your body. 

Hurry and purchase this 360-degree total body support pillow today for your baby’s good health. 

What You Will Love About This Product:

  • These U-shaped pillows fix migraines, insomnia, paralysis of arms, swollen legs, and back pain. 
  • It offers a hug-like feeling to babies for better sleep. 
  • It has a machine washable cover. 

What You Won’t Love About This Product:

  • It does not provide support under the bump. 
  • Taking off and putting on the pillowcase is not easy. 

#2 Best C-Shaped Pillow: Leachco Snoogle Pregnancy Total Body Pillow

Do you want to purchase a comfy and soft C-shaped pillow? If so, you should get your hands on Leachco Snoogle because it is designed to support the natural contour of your body. 

This C shape pillow gets an overall rating of 4.8/5 

  • The pillow’s cover is machine washable and dryer safe.
  • It provides full body support. 
  • The pillow has a comfortable fabric cover. 

Leachco Snoogle is one of the best C-shaped pregnancy pillows. Snoogle is present at multiple areas of the pillow to hip, back, tummy, and neck support. 

Why buy Leachco Snoogle? 

  • This pregnancy pillow features a patented design. 
  • The pillow lets you enjoy perfect snuggle and support without extra body heat. 
  • The pillow has a sham-style removable cover. 

This full-body pregnancy pillow comes with a curved top for your head and neck. It has an extra-long midsection for back and belly support. The end of the pillow is slightly straighter so you can comfortably tuck it between your legs to eliminate hip pain. 

Additionally, the pillow is covered in soft and breathable fabric. The polyester fabric stuffed inside it provides a supportive feel. You can easily coil this pillow into a ball and place it under your feet or knees. 

Hurry and get this pillow today for a happy pregnancy. 

What You Will Love About This Product 

  • It has a removable zipper cover made with soft t-shirt fabric. 
  • It provides support for neutral positioning. 
  • A registered Nurse and mom developed its patented design. 

What You Will Not Love About This Product 

  • Removing the pillow cover is not easy. 
  • It comes in a single size. 

#3 Best for Hip Pain: PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow 

Are you looking for the most amazing C-shaped pillows designed for hip pain? If so, you should purchase a PharMeDoc pregnancy pillow. It comes with a removable and washable jersey cotton cover. 

This C-shaped pregnancy pillow gets an overall rating of 4.5/5 

  • It comes with a lifetime warranty. 
  • It is a full-body pillow. 
  • This single pillow replaces the need for multiple bed pillows. 

PharMeDoc pregnancy pillow is the best option to elevate hip pain. It also offers the most-needed ankle and foot support. 

Why buy PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow?

  • For better support, the pillow is stuffed with polyester fabric. 
  • It offers a wrapped-up feeling. 
  • It comes with a removable cover. 

If you are feeling 3rd-trimester pains, you cannot miss out on this full-body pillow. That’s because it helps you enjoy a better sleep position and refuses interruptions throughout the night. It helps with relieving pelvic pain. 

It is an extremely comfortable pillow with adjustable polyfill material to adapt your belly and back position while you sleep or relax. It can relieve the back pain linked with pregnancy. 

Not just for expecting moms, but this C-shaped pillow is also great for anyone recovering from surgery or who wants better leg, neck, and back support. It can be used as a nursing pillow for sitting positions during postpartum. 

With superior design and cutting-edge technology, this sleeper pregnancy pillow created an exceptional experience. It is rigorously tested for perfection so you get the best. This maternity pillow can also be used when your baby arrives

What You Will Love About This Product:

  • This body pregnancy pillow can be used in many ways. 
  • Its cooling fabric absorbs and dispatches heat. 
  • It is pocket-friendly. 

What You Won’t Like About This Product: 

  • This body pillow takes up a lot of space. 
  • It comes in a single size. 

#4 Best for Travel: Hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow Wedge 

Are you looking for a pillow that can be easily used for traveling? If yes, you should consider purchasing a Hiccapop wedge pillow. You can use it alone or pair it with multiple pillows for better sleep. 

This wedge pillow gets an overall rating of 4.3/5 

  • It is a comfortable memory foam pregnancy pillow.
  • This wedge pillow comes with a travel bag for easy transportation. 
  • You can place this wedge pillow under your bump or lower back. 

The hiccapop pregnancy pillow is perfect for expecting moms who want a comfortable travel buddy. It offers maximum comfort and support. 

Why buy Hiccapop Pillow?

  • This pillow has soft memory foam on one side and firm foam on the other. 
  • It prevents rolling back while sleeping. 
  • It has a compact design. 

It’s a supportive pregnancy pillow, ideal for pregnant travelers. While the size of this pregnancy pillow is small, it provides the right kind of support. Pregnant travelers can tuck this pillow under their bumps to eliminate back pain. 

This pregnancy pillow helps in reducing hands, legs, and feet swelling by eliminating back tension related to stress. Additionally, it helps in relieving nerve pain and leg numbness. 

The pillow features a super soft cover that is machine washable and durable. The pillow and the memory foam have CentriPUR-US foam to maintain better ventilation. The pillow stays cool and feels comfortable while sleeping. 

You can purchase this pillow for extra support. It does not feel heavy and provides maximum portability, so you don’t leave your pregnancy pillow behind. 

What You Will Love About This Product:

  • The pillow has tiny perforated holes to maintain better airflow. 
  • It eliminates back tension and stress. 
  • No harmful chemicals. 

What You Won’t Love About This Product:

  • It is only available in a single size. 
  • It does not offer full body support. 

#5 Best for Money: Boppy Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow

Do you want to purchase a pregnancy pillow that is comfortable and easy to carry but does not take up the entire bed space? If so, you can purchase a premium Boppy Side Sleeper pregnancy pillow. 

This side sleeping pregnancy pillow gets an overall reading of 4.2/5 

  • Compared to a standard body pillow, it is less bulky. 
  • It comes with soft jersey fabric. 
  • It has a removable and washable cover. 

Boppy Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow is the best value-for-money product. It has a double-bean shape, perfect for prenatal and postnatal positions. 

Why buy Boppy Pregnancy Pillow?

  • It is a doctor-recommended side sleeping pillow. 
  • It is a pocket-friendly pregnancy pillow. 
  • It has a compact design. 

Boppa side sleeping is one of the best pregnancy pillows, perfect for expecting moms on a budget. It has a unique construction where two oval-shaped pillows are attached using a stretchy fabric. 

It is a comfy spine traditional bean pillow, ideal for expecting moms and side sleepers. You don’t need to constantly rearrange the pillow while sleeping or flipping sides because its signature stretch keeps it in position. 

The compact design of this side sleeping pillow makes it ideal for traveling. It offers more isolated comfort and support to your bump and lower back. This pillow can be used while sitting to offer the baby bump extra support to eliminate pressure. 

What You Will Love About This Product 

  • This side sleeping pillow is easy to carry. 
  • It can reduce round ligament pain. 
  • Both pillow and pillowcase are machine washable. 

What You Won’t Love About This Product 

  • This side sleeping pillow is not as comfortable as other pregnancy pillows. 
  • It does not feel firmer. 

#6 Best Memory Foam: Coop Original Body Pillow

Are you seeking the best memory foam pregnancy pillow that offers all-night-long comfort? If so, you should purchase a Coop Original body pillow.  

This body pregnancy pillow gets an overall rating of 4/5 

  • The large size of this pillow offers full body support. 
  • It conforms to every curve of your body. 
  • It can be customized as per your requirements. 

Coop Original body pillow offers the right body support at a pocket-friendly price. It has durable memory foam. It is perfect for both kids and adults. 

Why buy Coop Original Body Pillow?

  • This pregnancy body pillow relieves pressure points. 
  • It is a perfect companion for sleeping and relaxing. 
  • It helps in improving sleep. 

Coop Original body support pillow is designed for people of all sizes and shapes. You can quickly customize the pillow in three simple steps. First, unzip the case and then unzip the inner case. Lastly, add or remove the fill to achieve maximum comfort.  

This pillow easily adjusts to your sleep style. For side sleeping, use the pillow as it is. But for back or stomach sleeping, you can remove 1/4 and 1/3 filing individually to adjust the pillow. 

What’s more? Well, this pillow is CentriPUR-US and Greenguard Gold Certified. That means you won’t feel uncomfortable while sleeping. So, purchase this full-body support pillow to enjoy a nice sleep. 

What You Will Love About This Product:

  • The pillow does not have harmful chemicals. 
  • It offers the right kind of support. 
  • It is lengthier than many other body pillows. 

What You Won’t Love About This Product:

  • It is large and heavy. 
  • Difficult to shift positions at night. 

#7 Best Adjustable: Frida Mom Adjustable Pregnancy Pillow

Are you looking for an ultra-adaptable pregnancy pillow with better breathability? If so, the Frida Mom pregnancy pillow should be your choice. It is an ultimate adjustable pillow filled with polystyrene microbeads. 

This body pillow gets an overall rating of 4.5/5

  • It has a compact and adaptable design. 
  • It is extra flexible. 
  • It is affordable. 

Frida Mom is the best adjustable pregnancy pillow. It can be easily twisted, bent, and squished. It offers belly support for deep sleep. 

Why buy Frida Mom Pregnancy Pillow? 

  • It is a great starter pillow. 
  • The pillow is not too large. 
  • It maintains sufficient breathability. 

Frida Mom is a one-of-a-kind pregnancy pillow that can easily transform into C, I. L, and U-shaped pillows. You can adjust it into a J-shaped pillow for better comfort and support. 

This cushion seems to have memory foam-like responsiveness and better breathability. It has a short and tapered end on one side, while the other is fuller and longer. The cover of this pregnancy pillow can be easily removed for cleaning. 

The polystyrene beads inside the pillow are similar to bean bags. It helps maintain breathability, so you feel hot while sleeping. You can easily carry this pillow to enjoy maximum comfort wherever you go. 

What You Will Love About This Product:

  • It has a cooling microbead fill. 
  • Machine washable cover. 
  • The firm surface of the pillow offers maximum support. 

What You Won’t Love About This Product

  • The pillow does not hold its shape. 
  • It is not resistant to dust and mold. 

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Pregnancy Pillows

Here’s what you need to consider when buying pregnancy body pillows: 

Trimester and Sleeping Position

Please pay attention to your trimester because it is essential in picking the best maternity pillows. 

For instance, you can comfortably lie on your back in your first trimester. So, a standard body pillow or a U-shaped pillow will work. 

But if you are over 20 weeks pregnant, you should switch to side sleeping. It would help if you had multiple pregnancy pillows by your side for full-body support. Most pregnancy pillows are manufactured accordingly so expecting moms can get full rest. 

Size and Shape

Pregnancy pillows are available in various shapes, but the four main ones are U-shape, C-shape, bean, and wedge. Each of these pregnancy pillows can offer additional support and comfort. 

U Shaped Pillows 

U-shaped pregnancy pillows are most common because they are versatile and offer full body support. The top of the pillow is for the neck and head, while the long sides support your back and belly

You can comfortably hold this pillow under your arms or in between the legs to enjoy a relaxing sleep. U-shaped pillows are like multiple pillows in one. But these are pretty big and difficult to travel with. 

C Shape Pillow 

C shape pillows are like U shape pillows but cut in half. The curved part of the pillow supports the head and neck, while the long midsection is for the back or belly. But it does not provide support to the back and belly at the same time. 

This pregnancy pillow takes up less space and can be easily coiled to place under feet and knees. 

Bean Shaped Pillow 

Its small and oval-shaped pillow is designed for easy transportation. It can be used to support the targeted areas for maximum comfort. It helps in boosting blood flow and relieves back pain.  

Wedge Shaped Pillow 

It’s an ideal pregnancy pillow for expecting moms looking to save space. It is easy to carry and offers versatile support for bumps and back. For extra support, it can be used as a seat cushion. 

Filling and Fabric 

After deciding on the shape, the filling and fabric are next to consider. Best options include memory foam, cotton, and polyester fiber. 

If you want a firm and dense pillow, choose memory foam. But if you want a cushier feel, choose a cotton or polyester fiber-filling pillow. These types of pillows are also adjustable. 

Pick a fabric that allows airflow to maintain maximum breathability. Best pregnancy pillow fabric includes polyester, cotton, bamboo, and jersey. 


Choosing a pregnancy pillow is certainly not easy. That’s why we have listed seven of the best options so you can easily choose. Also, go through the buying guide if you are shopping alone. 

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