Do Men Go To Baby Showers? What Men Should Expect

Some people say that it’s an all-women event and that men have no place there. Others argue that as the father of the child, the man should be at the shower to celebrate with the mom-to-be.

So, what’s the answer? Do men go to baby showers?

Yes, men can go to baby showers. It is becoming increasingly common for men to be included in these events as more families adopt a gender-neutral approach to parenting. Men who attend baby showers should expect to participate in activities such as games and gift-giving, just like the other guests.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at both sides of the argument and give you our thoughts on the matter.

Do Men Go To Baby Showers

What Is A Baby Shower?

A baby shower is a long-standing tradition in which relatives and friends of a soon-to-be mother celebrate her impending parenthood.

Around the third week of pregnancy, the family of a pregnant woman invites others to a surprise party to share with relatives and friends, distribute gifts, and have talked about pregnancy and motherhood.

History Of Baby Showers

The baby shower ceremony has a long history. The tradition of hosting a baby shower began in ancient Egyptian and Roman times, according to history. They included it in their customs as a way of wishing the infant and his mother well. It used to be celebrated without much fanfare in the past. People followed a few modest customs to commemorate this occasion.

Do Men Go To Baby Showers Or Is It Just For Women?

Until recently, baby showers were only open to women. Traditionally or conservative hosts may still avoid inviting males for either tradition or the attendees’ comfort level.

With all of this in mind, there are now several variant versions of the traditional baby shower, and it is up to the parents to decide how they want to have it.

Do Fathers Attend Baby Showers?

Baby showers are traditionally women-only events when mothers-to-be celebrate their forthcoming child with friends and family. Recently, co-ed baby showers have grown increasingly common, with parents-to-be and their friends and relatives of all genders attending.

Fathers attend baby showers for many reasons. First, it lets them participate in fatherhood and childbirth celebrations. Second, men may meet other fathers and fathers-to-be, exchange ideas, and form a support network during a baby shower.

Fathers may also choose the baby shower theme, décor, and gift registry. Diaper-changing competitions and baby food sampling are delightful ways to commemorate the new baby’s birth.

Whether a father attends a baby shower depends on personal tastes and circumstances. Some dads prefer a men-only baby shower or miss the event, while others like celebrating alongside their spouse and loved ones. The most important thing is that parents-to-be feel supported, loved, and congratulated as they start this new and exciting adventure.

Why Men Are Traditionally Not Allowed to Attend Baby Showers?

The question of why men are not allowed at baby showers has been going about for a while now. Well, men are frequently excluded from baby showers since they may feel uncomfortable during pregnancy-related conversations that happen during baby showers.

Many women experience stress as a result of the pregnancy process, which is quite emotional and stressful for many parents.

Having a group of her closest friends nearby who are also talking about their own experiences and offering words of encouragement might assist the expectant mother to relax. However, in today’s society, this custom has evolved and the husband is now invited to baby showers along with his wife.

What Are Co-Ed Baby Showers?

As the responsibility of fatherhood has grown, so too has a man’s desire to be involved in all aspects of raising a kid, including baby showers.

Many people now choose to include close male family members and the husbands of the women who will be there, as well as single guy friends. If the mother and father are okay with it, go ahead and invite people! If nothing else, the attendee always has the option of declining if he doesn’t feel welcome.

Tips To Host A Co-Ed Baby Shower

1. Choose a Theme

A co-ed baby shower will be more fun than a traditional baby shower with just women. The concept must incorporate males and integrate them into activities, making them feel like members of the group.

2. Picking the Activities

Choose activities that include both men and women, such as games and group discussions. These contests are diaper competitions in which males compete to see who can change the diaper quickest or prepare the baby’s supper.

You may also arrange various activities during which the men and women are away from each other. This will allow the ladies to talk more personally about typical baby shower topics without involving the males.

The father and his pals will also have the opportunity to get a drink, discuss manly things, and participate in their hobbies without the women.

3. Gifts 

Gifts for the baby include things like nappies, clothing, and toys. No one may give moms-to-be items such as those they might need throughout the rest of their pregnancy or after childbirth. If the father of the baby will be in the shower, it’s a good idea to include him in gift-giving as well.

What Should Men Bring To A Baby Shower? 

Do men go to baby showers? Yes, of course. Do they always know what to bring? That’s a debatable point.

Women are more likely to know what items will be beneficial to the expectant mother and her child; however, men are not so sure.

It would be great to have a gift registry at your baby shower so that you don’t get a room filled with comics or toys.

What Do Men Do During A Baby Shower?

When you’re attending a baby shower for your child, the guys do what everyone else does: play baby shower games, eat snacks, and celebrate the new parents and upcoming kid.

Just as experienced moms-to-be are likely to offer guidance on childbirth and the unforeseen adjustments of having a newborn at home, so will attending fathers have advice for the new

Can Men Have An Exclusive Male Baby Shower?

Dad, too, can get a little lonely during that time of the year when moms and babies come together to celebrate. It is just like the baby shower, in which it may feel as though the mother is once again at the center of attention. He isn’t solely responsible for creating the next bundle of joy because he is also responsible for keeping Mum comfortable

The male baby showers can range from laid-back beer-and-gift hangouts to daddy-centric games, diaper parties, and complete guys’ trips.

What Can Males Do During A Baby Shower?

Much like all of us, I am sure you would have also at some point thought – Do men attend baby showers? Well, first and foremost, it’s essential to understand that baby showers have evolved over the years, and they’re no longer exclusively for women. Nowadays, men can also attend baby showers, and they’re expected to participate actively in the celebration.

So, what do guys do during a baby shower? Here are some pointers:

Show up

The first step for guys is to attend the baby shower. It’s essential to RSVP and show up on time to show your support for the expectant parents.

Participate in the games

Baby showers usually include games and activities, and guys are expected to participate in them. Diaper changing, baby food tasting, and predicting the baby’s weight and due date are popular pastimes.

Bring a gift

Just like women, men are also expected to bring a gift for the baby shower. It can be something practical, like diapers, wipes, or baby clothes, or something sentimental, like a personalized baby book or a special toy.


Baby showers are social events, and guys are expected to mingle and chat with the other guests. It’s a great chance to reconnect, meet new friends, and celebrate the pregnant parents.

Help with setup and cleanup

If you’re close to the expectant parents, you may be asked to help with setup and cleanup. This can include moving furniture, setting up decorations, and cleaning up after the party is over.

Overall, guys can do a lot during a baby shower to help make it a memorable and enjoyable event for everyone involved. By participating in the games, bringing a gift, socializing with guests, and helping with setup and cleanup, guys can show their support and love for the expectant parents and their new bundle of joy.

Baby Shower Ideas For Men

1. Funny Baby Shower Invitations

Nobody will understand the objective once they see the invitation, so let’s make it funny right away.

2. Dad Duty Practice

Making lunch may be a fun dad-duty exercise. Make it a contest. Who can prepare lunch for the baby, toddler, or school-aged kid faster? After this game, you’ll certainly know what the father-to-be is capable of.

3. Diaper Change Race

Now, who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned diaper-changing competition? Round up some life-size baby dolls, and some nappies, and get to racing. If you want to go all out, blindfold the guys and see what happens.

4. Seafood Broil

Do you enjoy seafood? If that’s the case, turn a baby shower for a guy into a seafood barbecue, especially if it’s nice out and you can do it in your backyard. The men may congregate as usual while also talking about parenthood in a relaxing atmosphere.

5. Bottle Chug

Do you have any baby bottles on hand? Fill them with whatever you desire, including milk, juice, alcohol, and water for a chugging race with the guys. It’s harder to suck down drink through that tiny hole than it appears, but everyone enjoys it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Who usually attends baby showers?

Ans: The goal of a baby shower is to “shower” you with gifts, as the name implies. A friend or family member usually hosts your shower, but coworkers or another loved one could put it on.

Q2: What should you not do at a baby shower?

Ans: No opening of presents, no games, no bread with no crust whatsoever.

Q3: What do you get a guy for a baby shower?

Ans: A stylish Diaper Bag for a Guy. A Functional Baby Carrier is a must-have for any father. Other than this, you can give a parenting book and gift cards.

Q4: Whom should you not invite to a baby shower?

Ans: You don’t have to invite anyone you don’t want to, but typically people who wouldn’t be invited to a bridal shower (like your boss) also aren’t invited to baby showers.

Q5: What is the ideal male attire for a baby shower?

Ans: The dress code for a baby shower can vary, but in general, men should dress in business casual attire. A collared shirt and slacks are a safe bet, but jeans and a nice shirt may also be appropriate depending on the venue and the hosts’ preferences.

Q6: What should men do if they feel uncomfortable at a baby shower?

Ans: If a man feels uncomfortable at a baby shower, he should try to engage with other guests and participate in the activities as much as possible. If he still feels out of place, it’s okay to excuse himself and leave early. Hosts should welcome all visitors, regardless of gender.

Q7: Can men participate in baby shower games?

Ans: Absolutely! Men should feel welcome to participate in any baby shower activities, including games. Everyone loves diaper-changing races and guessing the baby’s weight and due date.


Going to a baby shower shows support for the new parents and getting some practice in for when the baby arrives. If you’re planning one, don’t forget to include the guys.

Arrange for some babysitting services and have a guys’ night out to celebrate the new arrival. It’ll be a great way for him to relax and bond with his buddies before the baby arrives. And, who knows, maybe he’ll even come up with some great ideas for the shower itself!

Now that you know a little bit more about male baby showers, go ahead and plan one yourself or attend one if you’re invited. Just remember to keep it fun, relaxed, and focused on the new dad-to-be.

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