Pregnancy Announcement For Grandparents – Fun Ideas

Are you excited to announce that you are pregnant? This is such an amazing experience, and you must be waiting to share it with everyone, especially your parents.

We hope you will be as excited as we were when we organized a pregnancy announcement for grandparents-to-be. Here are a few ideas on how to make your pregnancy announcement to your grandparents extra special.

What to Look for When Looking for Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Grandparents?

When should you inform your family and friends? Is it acceptable for you to wait until the due date or when the difficult first trimester is over before telling them?

Some soon-to-be parents prefer informing their loved ones right after the first trimester. Do you want to find out the sex of the baby before telling people? If this is the case, you may have to wait until after 18 to 22 weeks of pregnancy. These are the weeks when an ultrasound can determine fetal gender.

Pregnancy Announcement For Grandparents

There’s also the issue of how far apart you and the grandparents are. Taking this into account can assist you in determining the best method to inform them about your child’s birth. If they live far away and you aren’t able to travel, you may deliver a gift or tell them in person.

Unique Pregnancy Announcement For Grandparents

1. Cute Romper Idea

You can never go wrong with baby items – the cuteness they provide is underappreciated. Grandpa and grandma may always dress the infant in that piece of cloth when you are over and at their home. Use the branding fabric to create your version of the romper. There are numerous choices to select from, allowing you to add your personal touch.

3. Personalized Key chains

A heart-shaped pair of key chains would make a wonderful present for them. And an excellent method to personalize their soon-to-be status with some customized words.

Even better, discover a key chain that incorporates the hobbies of both grandparents. For example, a tool-set keychain is a major find for the grandparents since it is clear that he or she is the only one who understands how to use tools around the house.

4. Fancy Tumbler

A set of tumblers is the perfect present for the new grandparents in town. With the included straws and straw brush, they’ll have a stylish individual drinking vessel. This will be their new drinking buddy, with the supplied straws and straw brush. A set of beautiful ceramic coffee mugs is another possibility.

Sweet Pregnancy Announcement For Grandparents At Dinner

Dinner with the grandparents is always a special occasion. And what better way to make it even more special than to announce your pregnancy? Here’s how to do it-

1. Fortune Cookie

Buy a box of fortune cookies and write your special message in each one. When dessert is served, hand out the cookies and let the grandparents be the first to read their fortunes – “A new baby is coming your way!”

2. Pizza Surprise

If you’re ordering pizza for dinner, have the delivery person write “We’re Expecting!” with a permanent marker on the box. As soon as your grandparents open it, their eyes will light up with joy.

3. A Special Present

Give your grandparents a special present – a baby onesie or bib with their names on it, for example. They’ll be so touched that you thought of them when you made your big announcement.

4. A Gender Reveal Cake

If you know the gender of your baby, why not make a special cake to reveal the news or throw a baby shower? You can have pink or blue frosting on the inside, and when your grandparents take a bite, they’ll be surprised by the news.

These are just a few ideas for how to make your pregnancy announcement extra special for the grandparents.

Cute Ways To Tell Family You’re Pregnant The Second Time Around

Here are some precious ideas for pregnancy announcements for grandparents:

  • Get a custom-made pregnancy announcement t-shirt that says “Best. Grandparents. Ever.” and have your little one wear it when you visit.
  • Have your partner hold up a chalkboard sign that says “We’re expecting!” while you take a picture.
  • Make a pregnancy announcement card that says “A new little addition is on the way!” and include an ultrasound picture.
  • Get a shirt that says “Promoted to Big Brother/Sister” and have your child wear it while you tell them they’re going to be a big sibling.
  • Send them an adorable pregnancy announcement e-card with the news and include a cute baby animal gif.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can grandparents make birth announcements?

Ans: The person who’s fit to communicate the wonderful news is a subjective and stylistic matter. The baby’s parents, however, are the first to notify close relatives of the big news.

Q2: When is the good time to send out pregnancy news?

Ans: There is no hard and fast rule regarding when you should inform others about the birth of a new kid. However, it’s preferable to communicate the news as soon as feasible, which is generally between the second and eighth weeks after your kid’s birth.

Before the sixth month, etiquette demands that you share the knowledge. The first weeks of parenthood may be thrilling and busy. In general, caring for a child and getting accustomed to a new existence take up the majority of your time.

Q3: Will people who receive the news interpret it as asking for pregnancy announcement gifts?

Ans: Pregnancy and birth announcements serve as a method of delivering joyous news, and there are no obligations on the part of the receivers. The majority of people are grateful and feel special that you informed them. Consider sending a personalized thank you if you receive presents to show your gratitude.

Q4: Is there a wrong time to announce pregnancy?

Ans: It’s better to reveal the news when you’re comfortable and certain. When someone else is celebrating a major milestone, funerals are another example of situations that should not be disclosed.

Q5: What are some ideas for a pregnancy announcement to grandma?

Ans: You may get a t-shirt that says “Best Grandma Ever.” and let your little one wear it when you come to see her. Another idea is to make a card that says, “A new little addition is on the way!” and include an ultrasound photo. You could also send her an e-card with the announcement and a lovely baby animal image.


Pregnancy is an exciting time for families, and sharing the news with grandparents is a special moment. There is no hard and fast rule regarding when you should inform others about the birth of a new kid.

However, it’s preferable to communicate the news as soon as feasible, which is generally between the second and eighth weeks after your kid’s birth. There are many ways to make the announcement extra special for grandparents, such as getting a custom-made shirt or making a card. 

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