What Size Comes After 5T? Toddler Size Transitions

If you’re looking for a new T-shirt, you might wonder what size comes after 5T. Well, we have the answer for you! This blog post will discuss the different sizes available for T-shirts and how to choose the right size for you. So whether you’re looking for a small, medium, or large T-shirt, we have you covered!

What Size Comes After 5T

What is The Next Size To 5T?

The letters “t” and “T” are not used in sizes 6 and up after this point. Additionally, because kids grow out of size five clothes faster than other sizes, parents should be aware of this when shopping for their children.

If you’re looking to save money, go directly to size 6 rather than through the intermediate sizes. The majority of toddler clothing is measured according to the toddler’s age. Regular clothes, on the other hand, are based on physical measurements.

You need to know their waist measurements to purchase clothing that fits your children. For example, if your daughter weighs 28-38 pounds, she would require size four apparel with a waist measurement of 21 inches.

Girls weighing 50-67 pounds would need to be given size eight with a 23-inch waist measurement.

Is It True That A Size Four Is Larger Than 5T?

In general, a size four is more common than 4T. However, it is a much smaller 5T. Both regular and toddler sizes have one key similarity–they follow similar weight ranges.

However, when you compare them based on the children’s height, there are significant variances. Now, who has their kids wear formal trousers all of the time? Is it no one? Parents should have their children sleep in nightclothes and on vacation.

You may try to check what size comes after 5T. Otherwise, get size 6 pajamas for your child if they have transitioned to size 6 clothing.

For children aged 5-6, the chest size should be 23-25 inches (58-64 centimeters), and the waist size should be 21-22.5 inches (53-57 centimeters). The same goes for children in the height range of 47-51 inches (119–129 centimeters). After a size 6, T comes 6, and the next measurement is taken at the waist.

Now you know how to accurately shop for all different size clothing items, starting with 4T, 5T, and 6T.

You’ve probably been asked such a question before. How difficult could it be? Well, if you only know the right procedure for measuring, it isn’t that hard.

How To Take Child’s Measurements?

The golden rule when measuring your kids is to avoid getting frustrated. You may have to take the measurements numerous times.

Always have a notepad and a pencil on hand. Request that your youngster stands up straight. You may ask him to face the wall while standing upright.

Take the same measuring tape and wrap it around your child’s core for accurate measurements. Keep the measuring tape aligned with the belly button for precise kids’ clothing sizes. You should avoid taking measures over trousers at all costs. If you take measurements over the pants, you will end up with larger pairs.

Is 5T Same Size As 5?

 We have seen above what size comes after 5T; now, let’s see if 5T is similar to size 5.

The most notable difference between 5T and 5 is that they have loose waistlines. The core of these two sizes is somewhat broader. This helps to accommodate pull-ups and diapers.

A wide-fitting 5T has a narrow fitting but a wider width than a 5. On the other hand, 5 is longer than 5T.

Not all children’s clothing size companies offer clothes in the 6T size. 6T is for toddlers. Children are susceptible to uncomfortable garments.

If you make your children wear little outfits, they will feel boxed in, which is not ideal for anybody. Some parents would rather not make any compromises regarding clothing for their children. They desire the greatest designs that enhance their kid’s cuteness.

For the optimal development of your children, free training is required. If you force your youngster to wear tight pants, they may get stomach aches or have difficulty getting adequate blood flow throughout their veins.

Signs It’s Time To Buy New Clothes

How can you tell what size comes after 5T and when it’s time to buy and organize your kid new clothes?

There are several signs which, as a parent, should make you aware that it’s now time for larger clothing sizes.

But what constitutes a signal? Check if your kid’s arms and legs are poking out of their sleeves. If you answered yes, it’s an unmistakable sign that your child requires new clothing.

Shopping at the start of a new season is usually a good idea.

You can repurpose your kids’ pants as capris if they end at the calf. If your kid’s dresses are short in length but not yet tight on the chest, you can pair them with leggings.

It’s generally better to buy your kids larger clothes rather than ones that fit them perfectly or are too small.

When you stick to this ground rule, your children’s clothing will not outgrow them every subsequent week. It is also beneficial for flexibility in the movement to have your children wear loose clothes. Your child’s comfort must come first. Ensure that your kids’ clothing doesn’t get tangled up and cause them to trip over their feet.

In addition, do not mistake thinking that age always buys clothes for your kids. Relating to their clothing requirements is difficult because every kid has a different growth rate. Also, one 5-year-old can be lean while another 5-year-old could have a better shape.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1: Not sure if a 5T is small or extra-small?

Ans: If you’re debating whether to size up to a 6 from a 5T, the answer is no. The difference in clothes sizes between a 5T and 6 is pretty big- one of the biggest in clothing labeling. You should try on some clothes labeled as size 5 before jumping to 6.

Q2: Is size 5 bigger than 5T?

Ans: Most parents choose size 5 over 5T because it lasts longer. The final size for toddlers is 5T. It would help if you shifted your children to 6s when they outgrow 5Ts.

Q3: What comes after 6T?

Ans: The next toddler clothes size after 6T is generally an adult small or extra-small, depending on the brand. After that, it will be up to the parents to determine whether their children can manage clothes meant for adults. Not all brands make clothes past size six for kids.

Q4: What’s the size of 5t at children’s Place?

Ans: A size five at The Children’s Place is for kids between 43 and 50 pounds and 39 and 41 inches tall. On the other hand, a size six is meant for those who are 51 to 65 pounds and 42 to 45 inches tall.

Q5: What size comes after 4T?

Ans: After children’s clothes, the next size is generally an adult small or extra-small, depending on the manufacturer. After that, it is up to the parents to see whether their children can wear clothes intended for adults. Some brands don’t produce garments above size six for youngsters.


Several clear signs indicate that it’s time for a change. If your child’s arms and legs are poking out of their sleeves, it’s an unmistakable sign that they need new clothing. Shopping at the start of a new season is usually a good idea. You can also repurpose your kids’ old clothes by turning them into capris or leggings. Remember, comfort should always come first for baby clothes. Make sure that toddler clothing sizes don’t get tangled up and cause them to trip over their own feet. And finally, don’t mistake thinking that age always buys clothes for your kids.

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