Best Toddler Tricycle With Push Handle (2023)

If your growing toddler hates the idea of sitting inside a stroller, it’s time to upgrade to a toddler tricycle with a push handle. Riding a toddler tricycle is not only fun, but it also helps in improving coordination and balance. 

Giving a toddler tricycle allows your kid to enjoy independence safely. For better safety, pick a tricycle with a push handle. 

Choosing the best toddler tricycle is difficult, with so many available options. That’s why I did detailed research and have listed six of the best toddler tricycles with push handles.   

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Best Low Rider

Schwinn Roadster Bike

Removable Steer Handle. 

Retro Touch. 

Customizable Fit. 

Best Overall

Radio Flyer Deluxe Steer


Easy To Use. 

Removable Push Handle. 

Best Value

Fisher-Price Tricycle

Large Under-Seat Storage. 

Durable & Stable Wheelbase. 

Durable built. 

Best Toddler Tricycle with Push Handle 

#1 Best Overall: Radio Flyer Deluxe Steer

Best Toddler Tricycle With Push Handle

Is your toddler just starting their adventure on a tricycle with push? If so, you must purchase a Radio Flyer Deluxe Steer. This tricycle offers complete control with parent-control steering. First-time toddlers sit comfortably in the tricycle and enjoy the smooth ride. 

This toddler tricycle gets an overall rating of 4.5/5 

  • It is affordable. 
  • It is easy to use. 
  • It has an adjustable seat. 

 Radio Flyer Deluxe Steer is the best tricycle for kids 2 years and above. Toddlers can ride safely in their neighborhood as the tricycle has plenty of features. 

Why buy Radio Flyer Deluxe?

  • It comes with a removable push handle. 
  • It is designed in two stunning shades. 
  • It can be easily assembled. 

Radio Flyer has been one of the leading brands designing famous kid’s recreational toys for many years. One such famous product is the Radio Flyer Deluxe, which has a solid steel frame and chrome bell. It also includes durable molded wheels. 

It’s a simple and functional tricycle with an adjustable seat with three different settings, allowing kids to enjoy a comfortable ride. There is a covered storage bin so kids can bring their toys on every adventure. 

This traditional-looking tricycle includes a removable push tricycle handle that offers parents complete control. Once kids have gained confidence riding a tricycle, push handles can also be removed. 

When you push the tricycle, your kid can keep their feet on the pedals and enjoy a comfy ride. Its maximum weight capacity is 49 lbs. It comes with a one-year warranty. 

Hurry and purchase this toddler trike to enjoy fun rides with your kid. 

What You Will Love About This Product 

  • When parents are steering, pedals act as footrests. 
  • Kids can ride it in two ways. 
  • It can be used till the age of 5. 

What You Won’t Love About This Product 

  • Compared to other tricycles, this one has limited adjustable features. 
  • Wheels work best indoors. 

#2 Best Low Rider: Schwinn Roadster Tricycle

Do you want to purchase a sturdy steering tricycle that can last long? If so, you should consider purchasing a Schwinn Roadster Tricycle. The heavy-duty metal framework of this tricycle keeps it in good shape. 

This tricycle with push gets an overall rating of 4.5/5 

  • It is made of alloy steel. 
  • Its maximum holding capacity is 55 lbs. 
  • It comes in multiple shades. 

Schwinn Roadster is the best tricycle in the low-rider category. It has heavy EVA foam wheels on the front and smaller wheels on the back. 

Why buy Schwinn Roadster?

  • It features a removable steer handle. 
  • It has a retro touch. 
  • It is perfect for kids up to 4 years. 

Schwinn Roadster Tricycle is a must-have because the low center of gravity makes it easy to ride by young riders. Its adjustable sculpted seat can easily move backward and forwards in five lock-in positions. 

It’s one of the best tricycles for growing kids. The rear deck of this tricycle is constructed using real wood. It has a burnt Schwinn logo at the back and scalloped ride fenders for a fashionable ride. 

The mustache-style handlebars and classic bike bells allow the little riders to ride in style. The flowing fabric tassel looks great and is appreciated by classic bike lovers. 

While assembling the toddler tricycle, keep the child’s measurement from the lower back to the floor at least 18 inches. This arrangement will allow the kids to reach full pedal extension. 

The double-handed push handle of the tricycle offers better grip control. It allows kids to control the speed and direction of their ride. Get this tricycle for your toddler today so they can have a fun ride every day. 

What You Will Love About This Product 

  • It comes with retro details. 
  • It has better quality and style. 
  • It supports a customizable fit. 

What You Won’t Love About This Product 

  • It does not have rubber tires for the rear wheels. 
  • Not suitable for indoor use. 

#3 Best Value: Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tricycle 

Do you have a tight budget for purchasing a toddler tricycle? You can consider getting a Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tricycle. It features a plastic seat and a durable build. It comes in five impressive styles.  

This balance bike gets an overall rating of 4.3/5 

  • It has easy-grip handlebars. 
  • Includes large under-seat storage. 
  • Designed for kids from 2-5 years of age. 

Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson is an amazing value-for-money tricycle. It has rugged tires and a comfortable low-ride seat so kids can easily ride it. 

Why buy Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson? 

  • It has a durable and stable wheelbase. 
  • It includes big foot pedals for better riding. 
  • It helps strengthen the motor skills of toddlers. 

Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson is a premium-looking tricycle with solid silver handlebars and a comfortable grip. It has a comfortable seat with a hidden storage compartment where kids can store toys. 

Unlike other tricycles, this one is much sturdier. When your kids are riding this little trike, you don’t have to worry about them falling in between. Cleaning is never an issue as this tricycle is entirely made of plastic. You can simply damp cloth to keep the trike. 

This pedal-powered little trike is great for kids to develop their fine motor skills to gain balance and coordination. The wider wheelbase makes this little trike super easy to ride. Also, the rugged and durable tire offers miles of smiles. 

What You Will Love About This Product 

  • It is easy to assemble. 
  • Big front wheel. 
  • Durable built. 

What You Won’t Love About This Product 

  • It is not adjustable. 
  • It feels cheap. 

#4 Best 4-in-1 Trike: Little Tikes Perfect Fit

Little Tike is a reputed brand manufacturing the best range of toddler tricycles with push. One such popular tricycle is Little Tikes Perfect Fit 4-in-1. It comes in three impressive shades. 

This tricycle with a push handle gets an overall rating of 4.6/5 

  • It’s a lightweight tricycle. 
  • It comes with a comfortable high back seat. 
  • Includes full shade canopy. 

Little Tikes Perfect Fit is the best 4-in-1 tricycle because it can grow up to four stages with your kid. It is easy for toddlers to mount. 

Why buy Little Tikes Perfect Fit?

  • It has a rear storage basket. 
  • It includes an adjustable push handle. 
  • It has a five-point safety harness. 

Little Tikes Perfect Fit is an impressive 4-in-1 tricycle with a removable and adjustable push handle. The easily adjustable feature makes it popular among parents of all heights. Once your toddler learns the basics of bike riding, you can remove the push handle. 

It includes some of the best safety features, like a 5-point safety harness to keep the kid secured to the bike during the ride. Additionally, it has a removable safety bar around the seat so kids don’t fall. 

The removable and adjustable canopy provides maximum protection from harsh UV rays. There is also a safety tray near the top around the push. Parents can keep their belongings like snacks or phones in the tray. It has a secured cup holder to keep drinks.  

The high back seat of this push tricycle keeps kids comfortable and safe throughout the ride. So, hurry and purchase it today. 

What You Will Love About This Product 

  • Kids ages can use it. 
  • It has a detachable footrest. 
  • It comes with a protective bar. 

What You Won’t Love About This Product 

  • Compared to other tricycle models, it’s not very durable. 
  • Difficult assembly. 

#5 Best Infant Tricycle: Costzon Tricycle for Toddlers, 4 in 1 Trike

Are you looking for a tricycle for infants to develop their gross motor skills? If so, you should purchase Costzon Tricycle 4-in-1. It can be used either as a stroller or a tricycle. 

This tricycle with push gets an overall rating of 4.9/5 

  • It comes with a canopy for sun protection. 
  • Sturdy metal frame. 
  • Shock-resistant wheels and brakes. 

Costzon Tricycle 4-in-1 is the best infant tricycle with a strong push bar to offer full navigation control to parents. 

Why buy Costzon Tricycle 4-in-1?

  • It comes with retractable footrests. 
  • It has rear-wheel brakes. 
  • It has a three-point safety harness. 

Costzon Tricycle is a diverse 4-in-1 trike designed for kids of many ages. It can support up to four riding styles, including infant tricycle, steering tricycle, learn-to-ride tricycle, and classic tricycle. 

When parents push the tricycle, kids can place their feet on the footrest to enjoy a comfortable ride. The footrest can be easily folded so toddlers can reach the pedals freely. Its tires are shock-proof, water-resistant, flexible, and safe. 

It has a full canopy with a reclined seat design. When you remove the canopy, the upright steering stick is revealed. The high back seat position of the tricycle keeps the kid safe and comfortable. 

For secured riding, it has a three-point safety harness. There is also a removable tray, cup holder, and a rear storage basket for keeping toys or essential items. The curved handlebar with a ring bell looks good. You can quickly install it without any hassle. 

This tricycle can hold a maximum weight of 55 lbs. The soft and breathable keeps the kids comfortable throughout the ride. 

What You Will Love About This Product

  • It comes with detachable guardrails.
  • The rear wheels have double brakes for emergencies. 
  • It is strong and durable.  

What You Won’t Love About This Product 

  • Difficult self-assembly.
  • The safety harness is small. 

#6 Best 3-in-1: SmarTrike Breeze Toddler Tricycle

Do you want to purchase a toddler tricycle that supports a 3-in-1 design? If so, get your hands on smartTrike Breeze. It features a metal frame and a long-lasting build. Kids from 15 months to 3 years can use this bike.  

This toddler tricycle gets an overall rating of 4.4/5 

  • It comes with a rear storage basket with a lid. 
  • It has an adjustable seat. 
  • It features a three-point harness. 

Smart trike Breeze is a 3-in-1 training trike designed to stroll and trike at ease. It helps kids develop fine motor skills and balance to ride independently. 

Why buy smartTrike Breeze?

  • It has a foldable toddler footrest. 
  • Includes parent and child control tricycle mode. 
  • Durable swivel wheels. 

smartTrike Breeze is a fun tricycle that offers a worry and stress-free ride to kids of all ages. The adjustable three-point harness and shock absorber keeps the kid safe during rides. 

The first stage of this tricycle has a barrier bar that prevents children from falling. The barrier bar can be removed in the second stage, and parents can control the tricycle through a push handle. In the last stage, push handles are removed so kids can ride freely. 

Push handles have touch steering technology, which makes them super sensitive and easy to push. The sturdy metal frame keeps the tricycle in good shape. 

Front wheels have a swivel design for easy turns. The non-slippery pedals make it easy for toddlers to enjoy a safe ride. 

What You Will Love About This Product

  • It has a control button on the wheels. 
  • Affordable. 
  • It comes with a storage basket on the back. 

What You Won’t Love About This Product 

  • It does not include a canopy sun protection. 
  • It cannot be folded. 

Things to Consider When Buying Toddler Tricycle

It’s normal for parents to think out of the box to keep their kids safe and protected. Parents select a toddler tricycle with a push handle, as it allows complete control over the kid’s movement. 

Consider the below-mentioned features when buying a toddler tricycle to get the best product. 

Safety Features 

As toddlers cannot keep their balance on three-wheelers, purchasing a tricycle with the best safety features is important. It should be built low to the ground. 

Toddler tricycles with big wheels reduce the chance of tipping over and increase stability. Kids are more likely to respond to hurdles on a steering tricycle. Also, safety rings and belts must be present for protection. 


A tricycle with an adjustable seat and footrest offer perfect ergonomics. It is best to purchase a tricycle that grows with your kid and offers a long service life.  

Level of Comfort 

A kid’s comfort when buying tricycles with push handles cannot be overlooked. Pick a tricycle with a comfortable seat, headrest, and soft grippy handlebars for better comfort. 

Weight Holding Capacity

While it’s not a requirement, a good quality tricycle must have better weight-holding capacity. It must be designed per the requirements of young children who like to play outside. 

A toddler tricycle must stay useful throughout the development stages of kids to cater to all their needs. 

Likewise, the tricycle’s weight also plays an important role. Investing in heavy tricycle models is useless because they make movement time-consuming and difficult. That’s because kids find it difficult to pedal with their tiny feet. 

Light toddler tricycle models are easier to push and ride with a decent speed on all terrains. Ideally, a tricycle with a push handle should weigh at least 30 lbs. As a normal toddler weighs around 40 lbs, you must purchase accordingly. 

Build Quality 

A robust tricycle-built quality ensures better durability. It is the best value for money. So, as a parent, you must pick a tricycle that is made with sturdy and reliable materials. 

Additionally, pay attention to the number of toxic elements used in manufacturing tricycles. Trustworthy brands use plastic-free handlebar grips so kids can have a healthy riding experience. 

Storage Compartments 

A toddler tricycle with multiple compartments is better because it lets you organize your essential items. Some tricycles have detachable storage pouches for a convenient experience. 

Likewise, the tricycle must have a cup holder and hooks to hang different accessories. These additional items further enhance the outdoor experience. 

Canopy and Folding Feature 

Compared to non-folding ones, tricycles with push handles that fold is better. That’s because tricycles have a huge build. They need a lot of space for storage. 

But if your tricycle can fold, you can conveniently carry it anywhere. Simply fold and put the tricycle in the car trunk.  

Furthermore, the push-handle tricycle must have a canopy to protect kids from harsh sun rays. A good-quality canopy keeps the rain out so kids don’t fall sick. 

Locking System 

A push-handle tricycle with a locking system can keep your little ones safe while giving you complete control. By locking the wheels, you can easily prevent accidents and improve the overall safety of your kid. 


Selecting the best toddler tricycle with a push handle is difficult with so many choices. But you can carefully check all the options in this post to find the right one for your kid. 

If you are unsatisfied with any of the recommended options and want to make an individual purchase, check the buying guide. That’s because it includes the essential factors that can help you find a great tricycle with a push handle. 

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