Do You Need a Diaper Pail?- Best Tips

Are you a new mom wondering if a diaper pail is necessary for your baby’s nursery? Your little one will make messes, so having something secure yet accessible for storing soiled diapers can be extremely helpful.

So, Do you need a Diaper Pail?

A diaper pail is not mandatory. You can certainly use a regular trash can in your nursery, but you might end up breathing through your mouth instead of your nose due to the unpleasant odor. However, if you wish to effectively eliminate the stench of soiled nappies, you have some options.

You could dispose of each used diaper in an outdoor trash can, but this can quickly become tedious – especially during nighttime. Alternatively, you could consider using a diaper pail.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the various types of diaper pails available, important features to look for when buying one, and some great tips on using them. Read on as we explore why using a diaper pail in your baby’s nursery could be the right choice for you and your family.

Do You Need a Diaper Pail

Do Parents Need A Diaper Pail?

When you’re expecting a new kid, one of the most pleasurable tasks to undertake during the next several months is furnishing your nursery. You might daydream about a Pinterest-ready color scheme or perhaps already have a certain theme in mind.

When you begin compiling your registry and shopping list, you’ll have a good idea of where to start, but it’s doubtful that a diaper pail will be in your tiny baby’s ideal new home. 

Although a diaper pail isn’t as crucial to your baby’s health as an actual diaper or food, it is necessary for your peace of mind. For his first year, you can expect your baby to use between six and twelve diapers daily. Even if you’re taking the trash out regularly, the pile and stench can quickly become overwhelming.

Because you don’t want to leave your baby unattended on the changing table, the diaper pail should be as convenient as possible without forcing you to get up. Please keep an open mind because the ideal location may not be where you first expect it to be.

Why Do You Need A Diaper Pail?

If you can wash soiled diapers right away, diaper pails aren’t a must-have item in your baby’s gear. Furthermore, diaper pails with a large capacity are somewhat pricey. Because they are available on a reasonable budget, they have a restricted capacity and need to be emptied from time to time.

In addition, each time you open or empty the pail, the smell is likely to escape. Diaper pails may be effective in trapping stink, but if diapers are left for too long, the scent might permeate anyway.

Diaper Pail Vs. Trash Can

Diaper pails have extra features such as odor-resistant materials, one-hand use, and specialty bags, making them more convenient than trash cans. So, do you need a diaper pail? What features and qualities are we looking for in a diaper pail? Let’s check out the buyer’s guide!

After looking through the options, you may be perplexed as to which diaper pail is best for your nursery. While some are more attractive than others, diaper pails aren’t inherently appealing. Instead of concentrating on appearances, consider all the features and choose the one that is most useful for your living situation and requirements.

All diaper pails have their characteristics and capabilities, and you’ll undoubtedly discover that some are better than others. For instance, while some people may value ease of use and convenience over cost savings by using ordinary trash bags in the pail, others might prefer to save money by utilizing ready-to-use liners and inserts. Check out these:


Most diaper pail brands have plastic liners that either fit perfectly into the pail or else you can use a regular trash bag. Some might need special liners, but making it work with a trash bag is possible if you don’t mind putting in the extra effort.

Not only should you figure out the cost of your diaper pail, but also replacement liners. If you are considering cloth diapers, investigate whether buying a reusable liner is an option, as they’re frequently made from compatible materials and can be washed similarly.


The type of seal depends on the model of the diaper pail: it could be as simple as a lid that covers the receptacle, a flap that automatically closes after you drop in a diaper, or something more complex like a mechanism that twists the bag closed when you close the lid.

Size & Shape

It would help if you were mindful of the size and shape of the room when picking out a diaper pail, as they can vary significantly in height and width between brands. If you’re concerned about the smell, you might want to get one with an extra deodorizing touch (like a carbon filter or scented liner). Some diaper pails come in designs that blend well with your nursery’s decoration.

Diaper Pail Benefits

The most well-known application of diaper pails is dirty nappies and baby linens. They can keep the noxious stench of soiled diapers and clothes at bay by storing them. They’re also useful, particularly if you have plans to put them next to the changing table or nursery.

A diaper pail will eliminate all the hassle of going outside or tossing a dirty diaper in the garbage each time you need to dispose of one. Some diaper pails include a child-proof mechanism. This protects your curious little one from discovering what’s inside by keeping them out.

Besides, some animals in our home are attracted to the odor of soiled diapers. Rotten, right? Diaper pails will always remain shut no matter how much any pet tries to open them.

Most diaper pails are simple to empty and clean and require no manual or instructions. Furthermore, they dry quickly and are ready to use again with some diaper cream. Finally, most diaper pails are long-lasting and may be used for many years. As a result, you won’t have to eliminate them when your child becomes an adult.

Alternatives For Diaper Pails

There are several other secure options for disposing of newborn diapers if you believe a diaper pail isn’t necessary. Although it’s easy just to toss diapers in the garbage, you may want to double-bag them if they’re soiled.

Alternatively, you may buy more plastic grocery bags. Puppy poop collection bags are useful in containing the stench of poopy diapers. Since the common trash cans accommodate pee diapers, you can keep the poopy diapers in dog poop bags instead. Some are even fragranced, but they should be disposed of with the rubbish rather than inside your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How many diaper pails do I need to purchase?

Ans: Usually, one diaper pail is all a person needs. If you have multiple children being changed in different rooms, it might be best to put one in each room. After all, no parent has time to run around the house just to dispose of a single diaper.

Q2: How do you use a diaper pail?

Ans: You will likely find that you need a diaper pail with a lid that can be lifted easily (either by hand or with a pedal) to drop the diapers in. Alternatively, you may need to push or squeeze the diapers into the pail to compress them or create an airtight seal.

Q3: How do you remove the diaper pail?

Ans: Some diaper pails may need you to lift the liner bag up and out of the central hole; in this situation, pay close attention not to overfill it.

Q4: How frequently should you empty the diaper pail?

Ans: The frequency of emptying your diaper pail will depend on how often your baby uses the bathroom. For example, if you have a newborn who urinates up to 12 times daily, you’ll need to empty your diaper pail at least once daily.

Q5: How do diaper pails work?

Ans: Most diaper pails have a built-in lid that can be lifted easily (either by hand or with a pedal), so you can drop the diapers in. Alternatively, you may need to push or squeeze the diapers into the pail to compress them or create an airtight seal.


In conclusion, a diaper pail may not be necessary for the baby’s well-being, but it may make things easier for parents at home, especially in those first few months when babies have to go up to 12 times per day. If you decide to use a diaper pail, empty it regularly so that the odor doesn’t become overwhelming. Consider using a wet bag if you’re traveling with your little one. 

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