How To Grocery Shop With A Newborn? Simple Tips & Tricks

When our first child was born, I remember being overwhelmed with everything we, new parents, had to do. Going to the grocery store was one of those things that seemed like a daunting task.

So, How to grocery shop with a newborn?

Choosing the right time is the key, like going out shopping around nap time so the baby would probably sleep while you shop. Pack the diaper bag nicely. You could choose to bring the company. Take all the items with you that could provide comfort for eg, baby milk, a grocery list, and a couple of your child’s fav toys. 

I’ve gathered all the information I could get from personal experience and research. Here’s what you need to know about grocery shopping with a newborn.

How To Grocery Shop With A Newborn

How To Grocery Shop With A Newborn?

If you believe it is pointless to expose your child to the world, stop worrying. There are only a few pointers for you to remember when dealing with your kid while out shopping.

Carry Your Baby The Right Way

There are many products on the market to help working moms carry their newborns, so you can choose anything that suits you.


This is the option I almost always choose since it allows me to use the entire cart space while still having my hands free. I’m not a big fan of babywearing unless it’s useful, and this is one of those instances.

When you wear your baby, they’ll sleep soundly, and snug against you, plus have the added benefit of staying germ-free due to being near you. People are also less likely to touch or disturb a sleeping infant their parents are wearing.

Newborn Shopping Cart Hammock

The advantages are that it is lightweight and simple to transport, and you don’t have to worry about taking up too much room with the infant capsule.

Because there is no way to enclose your baby (like with a capsule), you’d just have to make sure the angle your child is in is suitable for sleeping (i.e., chin OFF chest).

Infant Capsule

Keep your infant safe during grocery shopping trips by having them stay in their capsule. If they sleep, they’ll be less likely to wake up and cry.

The only disadvantage is that if you cannot find a cart with an infant car seat designated space, it will significantly reduce the amount of space in your cart. Another thing to keep in mind is the seat angle- ensure it’s adjusted correctly for your baby’s age and weight.

Grocery Shopping With A Stroller

Honestly, I don’t know how parents wrangle a stroller and a cart. It’s baffling. I’m trying to say that you should leave the stroller this time unless you’re only getting a few items. It won’t be easy to use otherwise.

If you need to walk somewhere with your baby but don’t want to use a stroller, then put the baby in a carrier and wheel the stroller as if it were a grocery cart.

Pack A Diaper Bag

Because your baby’s activities are always changing, you must be prepared for anything. Become a pro at packing light by only carrying the essentials with you like diapers, wipes, an outfit or two, and some form of comfort item (like a pacifier).

Schedule The Right Time

If you don’t know how to grocery shop with a newborn, the best trick is to keep it simple. This is the ideal opportunity to keep things tidy. Make sure you feed your kid before going out.

During Naptime

This is only recommended when your baby is very young and can fall asleep anywhere.

If you know they are exhausted and ready to sleep, take advantage of the opportunity to do some shopping. You might be anxious that all the commotion will rouse them from sleep, but in my experience, it has the opposite effect; it pulls them into a deep sleep.

After Feeding

Before you go, feed your child. It’ll put you in a bad mood! Feed your kid, burp them nicely, and then go to the shop.

Prepare A-List

Lists are an easy way to organize items before going out, saving time by finishing the shopping trip earlier. This can help parents manage their time and follow a baby’s routine more closely.

Can I Take My Baby To Grocery Shopping?

Finally, remember that it is perfectly all right if your baby screams and makes a scene while you’re there. I realize how intimidating it seems when I say this, but it will be alright.

Make A Schedule

I know there are people out there who believe you shouldn’t (or shouldn’t) start a newborn on a regular schedule. I will emphasize that it’s beneficial to develop a flexible routine from the outset so you can arrange your day around your baby’s needs.

Park Near Car Return

Another trick on how to grocery shop with a baby is to park close to a cart and return when you get to the supermarket. I frequently park as near as possible if I can do so.

Use Parent’s Parking

These parking lots are usually larger, making getting your child in and out of the vehicle simpler. It might be a little mission otherwise. They’re also frequently closer to the entrance, making them safer.

What Are The Alternatives?

You can also delegate the purchasing part to your partner if you have one. If you live alone, though, online shopping may be an option. This can help you avoid returning to the market several times each year when your child is sure to despise it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: When can you bring a newborn baby in public?

Ans: It is advised that your infant does not go outside before the age of two months. However, if it’s an emergency, you can bring it outside after one month as long as you follow all the safety measures to safeguard your baby.

Q2: Is it possible to put a car seat in a shopping cart?

Ans: Because the cart’s height increases the risk of falling, this is not suggested.

Q3: Where should you place your baby in a shopping cart?

Ans: A two-shelved shopping cart is perfect for parents – put your baby on the bottom shelf while you fill-up the upper one with groceries.

Q4: How do parents shop while caring for a newborn?

Ans: Some parents choose to use a baby carrier or shopping cart hammock. Babywearing allows you to utilize the entire cart area while (largely) freeing your hands, but you won’t be able to go everywhere on your own.

Q5: Can you bring a stroller to Target?

Ans: Most Targets have a stroller parking area inside the entrance.

What To Do Next?

Be sure not to overstock your cupboards and refrigerator. Just buy what you need for the next few days or weeks. If it is baby diapers or baby clothes, try to purchase them in bulk so that you don’t have to visit the store frequently.

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