Signs Mother In Law is Trying to Take Over Your Child – How To Deal With It

It can be a difficult adjustment, and it’s not uncommon for there to be tension between the new family members. In some cases, mothers-in-law may try to take over parenting duties from the child’s parents.

So what are the signs mother in law is trying to take over your child?

The red flags could be camouflaged under the blanket of care but you gotta recognize them at an early stage & communicate them with your partner and mother-in-law. Her being present all the time and intruding into your decisions and boundaries is a clear-cut sign. Attention seeking, Self-centered, and the will to be correct at all times are some things to look out for.

Signs Mother In Law is Trying to Take Over Your Child

What Causes Jealousy In Mothers-In-Law?

Oddly, this has nothing to do with you and everything to do with your jealous mother-in-law.

  • Your child has stopped paying her any attention.
  • You make her feel small and unimportant.
  • She feels isolated from her son’s life.

It’s possible that your toxic mother-in-law hates you because she just hasn’t had enough time to get to know you yet. Studies have found that having more contact with each other is crucial for a good relationship between in-laws.

If mothers and daughters-in-law want to establish trust and intimacy, they need some dedicated one-on-one time together.

Signs Mother In Law Is Trying To Take Over Your Child

It is critical to spot such indications early so that you may attempt to improve your relationship. Disturbing your routine is one way your mother-in-law may affect your connection with the child.

She may try to visit you at all hours of the day and disrupt your relationships. Isn’t it maddening when someone pays you no attention at all?

It’s conceivable that your domineering mother-in-law recruits her son against you. It may be plausible for your child to join the team in the future. During a party, your mother-in-law could try to create a commotion.

Showing Up Unannounced

Your manipulative mother-in-law will try to disrupt your daily routine by popping in unannounced. She’ll try to arrive when you’re not available.

You may be embarrassed that you can’t spend time with your spouse. She will seek to establish distinctions between your family. She will get involved in your issues.

Being publicly announced at private gatherings and creating a fuss at parties are additional signs.

Undermining Your Authority

If her meddling becomes excessive, it might put a rift between you and your kid. He may even begin siding with her against you. Your child learns best from observing and imitating those around her. So, if you are in a heated argument, we suggest working on a project together. She can learn how to compromise and work through disagreements calmly.

Manipulative And Dominating

Your mother-in-law’s attempts to undermine her emotional manipulation might demonstrate to you. She may induce you to fight with her by melting your son.

She Tries To Keep Her Authority Strong

Your mother-in-law is probably accustomed to managing the house her way or doing things in her own time.

She Spoils Your Plans

She will deliberately miss the family gatherings you have planned to disrupt your plans. It’s her way of testing his loyalty and showing you how much she matters to him.

She Is Unfriendly To You

She may act uninterested or ignore you to elicit a negative reaction from you.

She Plays The Victim Card

She’ll howl that you’re on the receiving end of your cruel behavior. She may pretend to be hurt to demonstrate her anger with your conduct.

She Has No Respect For Your Personal Space

One of the most common signs mother in law is trying to take over your child is when she doesn’t respect her personal space. She may go through your belongings or snoop around where she knows she’s not supposed to be. If you catch her in the act, tell her firmly that you don’t appreciate it and would like her to stop.

She disregards your boundaries to put you in an uncomfortable position. To stop her from crossing the line again, express how displeased you are with her behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Have you ever wondered if your mother-in-law is jealous of you?

Ans: That’s simple! They may persuade your husband that she is superior to you. She might put you in a position where you must choose between your spouse and your kid.

Q2: What kind of person is a controlling mother-in-law?

Ans: If your mother-in-law is always meddling in your family affairs, she’s a control freak. People like her try to ruin existing relationships by passing judgment and demanding authority.

Q3: How do you tell a mother-in-law to back off without being impolite?

Ans: You’re fortunate if you notice these signs at the start. Tell her not to get involved until everything is sorted out regarding your family.

Q4: Can my mother-in-law take my child away from me?

Ans: In some countries, grandparents have the right to claim custody of their grandchildren. However, this is not always the case. If your mother-in-law threatens to take your child away, seek legal advice immediately.

Q5: What to do when mother in law undermines my parenting?

Ans: This is difficult because you don’t want to hurt her feelings. At the same time, you need to stand your ground and let her know that you’re the parent and she should respect your decisions. If she doesn’t listen, you might have to take measures such as limiting her time with the child or not letting her babysit.


You could have a conversation with her and explain how you feel. If she doesn’t listen or respect your wishes, you might have to take measures such as limiting her time with the child or not letting her babysit. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what’s best for your family.

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