Wayb Pico Car Seat Review

Long-term travel, taxi hopping, rental cars, or even a uber ride can be a breeze if good folding car seats are easy for older kids. 

But until recently, it was found that children who are on the heavier side and a bit larger for a child seat yet still small for a larger travel vest are generally left behind.

Thus recently, many parents with a background in designing technical outdoor gear invested all their efforts in creating an innovative solution to solve their problem. 

All thanks to the marketing team’s extensive use of social media that helped in the crowdfunding campaign, every other family based in the US is generally investing and curious about the innovative experiment that resulted in Wayb Pico. 

If you, too, are among those many parents who have been wondering whether to invest in Wayb Pico, trust us, this is the place that you would want to come back to all over again, for this is the most comprehensive review that you’ll ever find.

This innovative creation has passed all the safety tests, is easy to fit and install, and comes at an affordable rate. Trust us; it certainly is a game-changer for your family. This is the best car seat solution that you can probably find. 

In this Wayb Pico Car Seat Review, we’ll be providing some details you would love to know about, so without much ado, let’s just jump in.

What Is The WayB Pico Travel Car Seats?

The all-new innovative genius Wayb Pico is a forward-facing foldable 5-point harness car seat that has gained its validity to be used in the USA, and it also conforms to FMVSS213. 

Despite its minor shortcomings, it meets federal safety standards like any regular car seat. Furthermore, it retailed for USD 380 all across the USA; not only that, but there’s also a handy travel backpack available with it that comes for $50,

It’s just as lightweight as any other car seat available for kids, but the best part of Wayb is that it can be folded in half for easy and comfortable transportation. 

Additionally, Pico has also been approved by FAA for in-flight use. Hence, if you consider bringing your car seats while traveling abroad, you can bring this along.

But, this a note of advice, remember that car seats can only be placed on a window seat. Thus, ensure you book a window seat if you consider installing it while on the flight. It’s certainly a perfect conversation starter.

Wayb Pico Car Seat Review

Essential Facts About The WayB Pico

  • It has forward-facing car seats.
  • The vehicle manufacturer states that it is an ideal choice for children aged 1yr and above; it is recommended that children wait until age 2; their maximum weight limits must be 22-50 pounds, and their height should be 30-45 inches.
  • The fabric used is crafted with ASTROKNIT™ mesh, which replaces the foam.
  • Since the travel seats are recyclable and manufactured from aerospace-grade aluminum, it can certainly be claimed that Pico is eco-friendly.
  • The gross width of the pico seat: is 14.75 inches.
  • Both the seat harness height with the seat headrest in its lowest position: 22.75 inches.
  • When the seat headrest is fully extended, its harness height is 27.75 inches.
  • The total depth of the seat: is 15.25 inches.
  • The harness (torso) height is 16.5 inches.
  • Total weight of pico seat: 8 pounds.
  • Approximate price: $380.

What Can The WayB Pico Car Seat Do For You?

It’s probably the lightest car seat that you’ll probably come across. It’s a super lightweight car seat with an easy 8 pounds; you can lift it anytime and move around easily.

Now comes the question, what are the ways through which it can make your life easier?

The answer is pretty simple. Every material used here is high-tech. For instance, every inch of the frame is fabricated from super-strong aluminum used by the aerospace industry. 

There is no trace of plastic sticking out or any uncomfortable foam bulging. It’s one of the minimalistic car seats that are highly strong as well as comfortable all at the same time.

It’s way too slim to fit on Porche Carrera 3 easily. Since this car is an example of a small car with a small back seat, thus, we can easily claim that Wayb is ideal for small cars.

Last but not least, the material is the show stealer. As it’s mashed, it provides the added comfort of not overheating, even during the summer. It’s also super easy to clean. So, what more do you need?

Who Is The WayB Pico Meant For?

 Wayb is ideal for ages 2-5. The recommended maximum height for Wayb is 45 inches. Thus, unless your child has crossed the top of the growth charts, it’s safe to say that the car seat is ideal for almost a 4 to 5 years old kid. 

We guess that must be enough time for your little one to be bigger and older and have a comfortable car seat.

WAYB Pico Car Seat Set Up & Vehicle Seat belt Installation

The X-factor that makes Pico stand aside the crowd is its foldable nature, which saves space and provides ease of transport. The seat is well constructed with aluminum, and the mesh is perfect for its lightweight stature. 

The lower part of the seat can easily be flipped around and folded to the back part of the seat and locked into its appropriate place for an even better compact size.

For using the car seat, you must flip the bottom around and mark the red click; all you need to do is lock it into its exact place. Later the headrest can be easily adjusted according to the very height of your child. 

After that, the bottom is locked into the very place, and the headrest is all set; the next process for installation is super easy, which almost all the parents are aware of.

A top tether strap, perfect latch straps, and a latch plate on both sides enable you to strap the latch system and anchor it to the car. Thus, getting that perfect fit is easy. 

Your child can be strapped quite easily, much like any other car seat; the only difference here is to fasten the seat belt; you don’t need to pull on the seat belt tended between the child’s legs. 

Rather, fine placement of cinch pulls exists on both sides of the child’s hips and the belt path.

Why Do We Like WayB Pico?

  • It provides you with a luxury feeling since there are no traces of plastic or foam as well is rear-facing.
  • If you are among those parents likely to use ride-sharing or taxis, trust us, this car seat can be a lifesaver.
  • The car seat is super light and meets and surpasses all the high safety standards.
  • A narrow and assimilated fit is ideal for tight back seats, enabling three kids to sit alone.
  • Kids 4-5 years old have the added convenience of riding with more safety in a 5-point harness.
  • There are no car seats ideal for traveling other than Pico; they are perfect to fit in the overhead airplane bin and, simultaneously, can be used on the plane.

Why Don’t We Like WayB Pico?

  • It’s not that easy for your pocket. You might need a budget to get this phenomenal car seat.
  • Not ideal for small kids. It’s more likely to be used only by bigger kids.
  • Not recommended for quick naps.
  • It is also observed that the crotch buckle pad and the crotch strap are short than the standard car seat.
  • There is no neck pillow.

 How Can You Get A WayB Pico?

 Now, you might be wondering where you can get a Pico; this Wayb Pico Car Seat Review will spill the beans for you. Since Pico has been ruling the market for a few years, buying this product is likely easier. Firstly, we can suggest that you look for the product online.

  • The first option would be the home page or own wayb pico website (free shipping on all purchases over $100 + all color choices and accessories available)
  • The second option would be on PishPoshBaby (but unfortunately, only in limited colors, and another drawback is that all accessories are always not available)
  • Last but not least, on Amazon (only available in a seat + backpack bundle)

How Is The WayB Pico Amazing On Planes?

Now that we are done with the basic features of the WayB let’s sing a few praises regarding its possibilities while traveling by plane. There are a large number of parents who are rightfully fearful of carrying or checking the car seats while traveling in airplanes. 

They are always in constant fear and dilemma regarding how the airlines will treat them if they carry the car seat and if it will go through any damage or get misplaced.

This awesome car seat offers much more flexibility to deal with your dilemmas. When the car is folded and packed in its travel bag, it becomes small enough to be carried in an airplane. You will not face any problems fitting into the overhead bin, as it is the same size as a usual roll-board suitcase.

On the other hand, if you consider using the seat on board, you are offered that option, as it is FAA-approved to be used in aircraft. It can also be used as that extra seat to stay reclined if your child needs one. 

The slim fit of the seat takes an amazingly common space, even lesser than the random car seats you might have brought along with you till now.

Uses For The WayB Pico At Home

Before you consider investing your funds into an expensive car seat like Wayb, there are chances that you would like to ensure that it has a set of uses at home. Well, let us reassure you that it certainly does. 

It has been proven that even after regular use for two weeks in your normal routine. You will not find it time-consuming to use this car seat.

Being an ideal option for space-saving, especially for those struggling to fit the seat in the back seat of the car.

That being said. Pico is ideal for grandparents or babysitters who have been transporting your child only occasionally. The seat can be easily packed and kept in the trunk when it is not in use. Additionally, it will not take up a tone of space that any other car seat will otherwise take.


Q1. Why are there no comprehensive crash test ratings? Is Wayb Pico safe for everyday use?

Ans. It’s certainly a big Yes! The exceptional car seat has passed all the safety standards. It provides all-around protection to your child.

Q2. What are the best seating positions?

Ans. After your kid has boarded the seat, all you need to ensure is that the shoulder must always be under the seat back. And also, ensure that the chest clip must be below the shoulder straps. Since the shoulder belts are comfortable and easy, they can easily be adjusted. Other than that, the crotch buckle tongues are also adjustable. Do remember to use the locking clip to ensure your child’s safety.

Q3. How do you clean a WAYB Pico?

Ans. As the fabric used in Pico is integrated into the same frame of the car seat, all you need to do here is spot clean the new seat and allow it to air dry. Other than that, you can also towel dry the metal frame and wipe off the excess water.

Q4. How do you fold a WAYB car seat?

Ans. It’s as easy as a breeze, and it hardly takes thirty seconds to fold Wayb Pico. All you need to do is lower the headrest back to the allotted storage position and eventually draw the latch behind the seating area to fold the seat immediately. There are tutorial videos available; if you are a visual learner, then it might probably help.

Q5. Can Wayb Pico be used as a booster seat?

Ans. Probably it’s a no; WayB can be used only up to 50 pounds and not more than that.

Q6. Do these car seats come with travel back?

Ans. Generally, the car seats don’t come with travel back. It is only available for bundle purchase. Hence, if you are going for a bundle purchase, you can grab one.

Q7. Can it be used as an infant car seat?

Ans. No, we would not recommend even a 1-year-old to use this car seat. It’s normally meant for children two years and above; the infant seats are generally much more robust than Wayb Pico.

Q8. What would other car seats be able to compete with this Wayb Pico car seat?

Ans. Honestly, there are only a handful of competitors for the Wayb Pico car. Since it has an aluminum frame and is highly lightweight, thus very few brands can compete with it.


To conclude the Wayb Pico Car Seat Review, we can easily state that Wayb has outdone all its competitors. Though it might look like an ordinary standard seat at first glance, trust us, it’s one such car seat with all the safety ratings to prove it. It has bagged both NTSB as well as FAA approval. Thus, all you require is to fold the car seat and go.

As we have already stated, if you live in a hotter climate, this super-breathable fabric will make the life of your kids much easier.

As we head to the conclusion of the review. We hope to have answered all your queries and provided valuable information to help you.

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