What To Wear After Giving Birth In Hospital – Must Haves

You’ll want something comfortable that will make you feel good as you start this new chapter in your life. This blog post will discuss what to wear after giving birth in hospital. We’ll also provide tips on choosing the hospital bag checklist!

What To Wear After Giving Birth In Hospital

What Should New Moms Wear After Giving Birth?

You’ll need comfy clothing that allows you to feed your kid.

The following are some of the comfiest clothes you may put on once you’ve had your baby:

  • Robes: Robes are the first thing that spring to mind; they may be carried anywhere and are quite fashionable. And the style will assist you in greeting visitors with a pleasant attitude.
  • Comfy undies: After giving birth, one of the most important undergarments you should consider is comfortable maternity underwear; no matter your delivery type, your comfort comes first. They’re made of 95% cotton and will always help absorb sweat to make you feel dry and clean.
  • Wearing tolerable tight maternity bras, and postpartum pajamas is recommended. With these bras, nursing your kid will be a breeze.

What To Wear While In the Hospital After Giving Birth?

Pack some essentials, such as the toothbrush and phone, ahead of time. Keep extra copies of your hospital records handy in case your medical team needs to reference them. Wondering what to wear after giving birth in hospital?

A Comfortable Underwear

When you’ve just given birth, comfortable postpartum underwear will be your best friend. Hospitals and birth centers will provide gowns and socks, but some women prefer to bring their own.

Maternity Bra

Breastfeeding bras are especially helpful because the straps may be dropped with one hand and provide easy access to the breast. You can even wear breastfeeding bras without breastfeeding.

Many nursing bras are made of soft materials with no wires and are quite comfortable to wear at night. Nursing bras are a wonderful investment if you plan on nursing for two years.

Nursing Pads

Leaking milk from your breasts can be uncomfortable and cause unsightly stains on light-coloured clothing.

Consider nursing pads that you may use again or disposables that you can utilize for various reasons. Use organic cotton nursing pads when wearing a nursing bra and disposable stick-on nursing pads when wearing a tank top.

The stickiness of the bandage will ensure it does not shift when you wear more relaxed clothing like a nightgown. Most mothers prefer to change into something else when visitors come during their hospital stay.

If you still want to wear maternity leggings and tops during pregnancy, make sure they’re loose-fitting so your belly is visible. If you’ve had a c-section, it’s best to wear an article of clothing that covers the incision site. And if you plan to go home after giving birth, opt for flat shoes that are easy to get on and off.

What Material Should You Prefer?

The second question about what to wear after giving birth in hospital is whether you should choose cloth or plastic.

The abundance of hormonal changes that occur during this period might persist after delivery. As a result, the importance of clothing selection and quality increases dramatically. Wearing woollen maternity clothes in winter will also protect you from the cold weather.

What To Wear After Delivery?

Warm, Cozy, And Slippers

It would help if you avoided anything with buckles or ties since it would be difficult to slip on and off. This is an excellent set for winter use. They serve as slippers and cosy socks, and the bottoms have no-slip grips which are ideal given how slippery hospital floors can be.

A Gown And Robe

This gown is the perfect postpartum hospital outfit since it has easy access buttons on both sides for breastfeeding, and you can easily move around in it to go to the bathroom or check in with hospital staff.

Zip-Up Robes

Still, wondering what to wear after giving birth in hospital? A hospital gown or zip-up fleece is a good idea to keep warm while in the facility. If you’re hot, your partner may feel more comfortable in your robe if you have enough coverings to keep yourself warm.

No-show socks are a great option if you wear sandals and need to get in and out of them quickly. If you’re travelling with your baby or expecting visitors, you might not want to expose your breasts. And finally, since you’ll probably make many trips to the bathroom while away from home, pack some slip-on sandals to make things easier on yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What should babies wear after birth?

Ans: You can put your child in a normal onesie or one with long sleeves and attached mittens under their swaddling blanket; this will stop them from scratching themselves.

Q2: What should you wear when you go home from the hospital?

Ans: After giving birth, your tummy will take a long time to shrink, so choose baggy clothing for your postpartum swelling; you should utilize comfortable fabrics and avoid wearing uncomfortable materials since they could irritate your stitches.

Q3: What to wear when going to the hospital during labour?

Ans: Hospital gowns are usually the best choice for this situation because you’re not worried about ruining them.

Q4: Do you put on a bra when giving birth?

Ans: Ensure that your lingerie and clothing are free of metals. The metal used in the electrocautery instrument might cause burns during cesarean delivery.


After giving birth, you’ll want to be comfortable and warm. A delivery gown or postpartum clothes is a good idea, and you may want to bring your slip-on sandals to make things easier on yourself. Pack two pairs of socks, and don’t forget a onesie for your baby. Lastly, avoid anything with metals since they could cause burns during delivery.

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