Why Do Kids Hit Themselves? Causes & Solutions

Self-injury, also known as self-harm, is the act of deliberately harming your own body. This can include cutting yourself, burning yourself, or hitting yourself. It may seem strange, but for some people, it’s the only way to cope with their emotional pain.

So, Why do kids hit themselves?

In response to having a dulled sense of pain, some kids may hit themselves to satisfy their desire for physical stimulation. Kids who are stressed or tired may also use repetitive physical movements as a way to self-soothe.

In this blog post, we will explore tips on getting help if you or someone you know is struggling with self-injury.

Why Do Kids Hit Themselves

Why Do Babies Hit Themselves?


Because they are anxious, many children act out in this manner. They, like adults, cannot cope with this emotion and become overwhelmed.

This is when they inadvertently harm themselves as a result of their stress. It’s worth determining why the stress in their life has started. For example, they may have started a nursery or moved out of their cot. Locating the path of the tension might aid in reducing their anxiety and preventing them from striking again.


Toddlers are naturally curious. There are so many fascinating things to discover and experience. As a result, it’s possible for their parents’ attempts to distract them from backfiring. This frustration can lead to children having to release steam in some manner. Therefore, the child may express their frustration by hitting themselves.


They could have an ear infection or be teething, for example. As a result, keep an eye on your kid’s behavior to see whether any additional symptoms emerge and go to the doctor if they do.


Although unusual, this is a standard behavior among youngsters, especially if they don’t pound themselves too hard. When you see your toddler rhythmically pounding themself, they get pleasure from it, which is soothing.

Create a safe environment

Now that you know why do kids hit themselves, let’s explore what you can do to stop it. Help them understand that they will only hurt themselves if they continue hitting.

If you yell at your child, they might become angrier and hit themselves again. Often, after a few iterations of hitting themselves, children will stop as they realize that it hurts.

Try to keep calm and speak soothingly to them during this difficult time. Patience and understanding are key when your children are going through tough developmental phases. The best thing you can do is remain calm and be proactive in helping them manage these changes.

Why Do Kids Hit Themselves In The Head?

It’s not uncommon for a kid’s tendency to bang their head against their hands to be more of an illness than a bad temper. If all tension and irritations are removed, but your infant continues hitting their head, you should seek professional help immediately.

Kids, unlike adults, can’t convey their pain from sickness or the annoyances accompanying it.

Attention-seeking may also be a factor. Yes, kids pay attention and are aware when you don’t give them your full attention. When the youngster strikes himself on the head with his hands, and you begin paying attention, he will probably continue doing so to keep your attention on him.

After all, we all crave attention and can understand wanting to regain some degree of control. In many cases, toddlers Hit their heads with their hands to assert power, showing that they have dominion over their bodies and are free to hit as they, please. Additionally, it might be difficult not to take this action personally since, in some instances, children express frustration by lashing out physically.

It can be frustrating when your baby hits themself, despite your best efforts to stop it. This might happen because they are exploring their world and bodies. Since toddlers cannot yet express verbally what they need or want while exploring, they may resort to physical means instead.

Children who cannot communicate their wants and needs through traditional means may lash out in anger. Try to determine what is causing the frustration and work from there.

Unless you know what sets off your toddler’s continuing to hit themselves when said no, you will have little success in changing this behavior. Perhaps it was something they were doing that made them so happy. Alternatively, perhaps telling them no when they are exhausted and tired is merely your way of telling them to stop crying rather than resolving the problem.

How Can You Stop Your Child From Hitting Himself?

When your child hits himself, he’s displaying an indication that he’s upset and needs soothing before learning can take place. Keeping your cool is the greatest reaction since it will help your kid calm down faster. Children may observe negative behavior over time. As a result, if you have a good “habit,” they will also acquire it.

Restrain Your Toddler Physically

Hug your kid firmly and gently to prevent him from hitting himself. Speak to your child softly to soothe him during this stressful and turbulent period. This will conclude that chapter as soon as possible, allowing your kid time and attention to calm down. Sometimes all it takes is being sympathetic and quiet for things to work out best.

Find Out What’s On Their Minds

Understanding why your kids hit themselves. Could the aggressive behavior be happening because of where it’s taking place? For example, does it happen at home, school, or at the mall? Are there any triggers in that environment that could be causing the aggression? Some stressors known to lead to hostile behavior are crowds, noise, and lighting.

Furthermore, please take notice of when the behavior usually presents itself. For example, does your kid lash out whenever he is exhausted or changing activities? Additionally, find out if your child’s conduct could be explained by his world perspective.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is it normal for kids to hit themselves?

Ans: If the behavior is excessive, then it might be a sign that the child is stressed or frustrated.

Q2: What could it mean if my child hurts himself?

Ans: If your child hurts himself, it could be a sign that he is stressed, frustrated, or angry.

Q3: Is it okay if my daughter hits herself when upset?

Ans: Although it is normal for children to hit themselves when upset, it is important to find out the root cause of the problem so that you can help your child healthily deal with her emotions.

Q4: How to stop a 5-year-old from hitting himself when angry?

Ans: One way to stop a child from hitting himself when angry is to try and figure out what is causing the frustration and then work from there. You can also try restraining your child physically and speaking to him softly to calm him down. Additionally, you can find out if any triggers in his environment could be causing the aggression.


Kids usually hit themselves when stressed or frustrated, but if the behavior is excessive, it’s a root cause that you should address so your child can learn to cope with his emotions better.

When a youngster is enraged, one way to prevent him from hitting himself is to figure out what frustrates him and then work backward. To calm your child, you may try physically restraining him and speaking softly with him. You could also look into whether any potential causes in his environment might trigger the rage.

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