Best Chairs for Breastfeeding (2023)

Finding the best baby furniture can be very tiring, especially when shopping for a comfy nursing chair. 

Since you will spend so much time breastfeeding, investing in the most comfortable nursing chair makes sense. A little research can make all the difference. You won’t be enjoying those precious moments with severe back and neck pain. 

It would be amazing if you could find the dream breastfeeding chair in minutes. But it’s not possible. That’s why I did detailed research and found five of the best breastfeeding chairs based on budget, aesthetics, comfort, and space. 

As a new mom, you might also be wondering if you can lose weight while breastfeeding. So, using an uncomfortable breastfeeding chair is the last thing you want. 

Keep reading to check my best nursing chair recommendations. 

Best Affordable Chair

Storkcraft Premium

Solid Hardwood Frame. 

Easy-to-Clean Fabric. 

Side Pockets. 

Best Overall

Graco Parker

Easy-to-Clean Fabric. 

Gentle Gliding Motion. 

Soft Arm Cushions. 

Best Reclining Glider

Babyletto Kiwi 

Reclines Electronically. 

Stain Resistant. 

Greenguard Gold Certification. 

Best Chairs for Breastfeeding

#1 Best Overall: Graco Parker Semi-Upholstered Glider and Nursing Ottoman

Best Chairs for Breastfeeding

Do you want to purchase a nursery chair that offers comfort and versatility? If so, you can buy a Graco Parker nursery glider. It has a classic sleek design and includes a matching ottoman. 

This glider chair gets an overall rating of 4.6/5 

  • It has easy-to-clean fabric. 
  • It feels comfortable. 
  • The ottoman has a gentle gliding motion. 

Graco Parker is the best overall nursing glider, elevating the nursery’s decor and offering much-needed comfort. 

Why buy Graco Parker?

  • It has soft arm cushions. 
  • It is worth the price. 
  • It looks stunning. 

Graco Parker is one of the best nursery gliders on the market. It offers an ultimate combination of comfort, functionality, style, and cost. It offers legs a comfy spot to rest. 

The set includes a padded arms chair and an ottoman; both glide in tandem. This phenomenon makes the gliding motion really smooth. The nursing stool can be folded quickly for safe storage and versatility. 

Its ultra-plush microfiber cushions offer extra comfort when you sit on the chair. The surface feels very soft to the touch, and the padded seat allows you to have a relaxing breastfeeding session.  

The chair has a sleek design to complement almost all nursery styles. The easy-to-clean polyester upholstery removes stains and keeps the nursery chair looking fresh for a long time. That means you can enjoy a clean and comfy time with your baby. 

For any stage of maternity, Graco Parker seems to be an ideal nursing chair. Hurry and purchase this breastfeeding chair today. 

What You Will Love About This Product 

  • It is durable. 
  • Its ottoman and glider has enclosed metal ball bearings for smooth motion. 
  • It has a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. 

What You Won’t Love About This Product 

  • It does not include side pockets. 
  • The padding is a little thinner. 

#2 Best Affordable Chair: Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider and Ottoman

Do you want a complete nursery glider with an ottoman, but your tight budget restricts you? Don’t worry because the Storkcraft Premium Hoop won’t strain your pocket. 

This nursery glider gets an overall rating of 4.5/5

  • It has a solid hardwood frame. 
  • It includes side pockets. 
  • It has a classic look. 

Storkcraft Premium Hoop is one of the best nursery gliders available at a pocket-friendly price. It is a two-piece set of a glider and an ottoman. 

Why buy Storkcraft Premium Hoop? 

  • It has easy-to-clean fabric. 
  • It comes in stunning colors. 
  • It keeps you in an upright position. 

Storkcraft Premium Hoop is a wonderful baby glider with a lumbar pillow for better support. It offers smooth gliding so new moms can feel relaxed while feeding their babies. 

The chair is upholstered in a soft and durable fabric without sacrificing comfort. The comfortable and padded arm cushions with side pockets make this nursing chair a must-have.  

For smooth and gentle gliding motion, it includes enclosed metal ball bearings. Third-party experts test its safety to meet and exceed all the standards and safety requirements. It has the PTPA seal of approval for nursery and children’s furniture. 

Storkcraft Premium Hoop does not compromise on quality. It is made using rubberwood framing and wood composites. Its glider and ottoman cushions are durable. They don’t lose shape even after continuous usage. 

Lastly, this nursing chair features easy assembly. Purchase Storkcraft Premium Hoop in any of your preferred colors to match your baby’s room. Get this nursing chair so you can breastfeed your baby comfortably, even during food poisoning

What You Will Love About This Product 

  • Ottoman is included. 
  • Affordable. 
  • Offers a consistent, relaxing motion. 

What You Won’t Love About This Product 

  • The chair feels small in depth. 
  • Thin cushions. 

#3 Best for Twins: Baby Relax Hadley Double Rocker Chair

For parents expecting twins, a single-seater breastfeeding chair will not work. Instead, they should get Baby Relax Hadley Double. It comes in two stunning shades with a comfortable cushion and armrest. 

This rocking chair gets an overall rating of 4.6/5 

  • It has a trendy design. 
  • It comes with a reclining feature.
  • It is 1.5x wider than a regular rocking chair. 

Baby Relax Hadley Double is the best chair for twins because it has a comfortable and deep seat. You can spend a relaxing time with your twins at this breastfeeding station. 

Why buy Baby Relax Hadley Double?

  • It has a sturdy construction. 
  • It features a modern design. 
  • It can accommodate multiple children. 

If you want a wide rocking chair with a deep seat, get your hands on Baby Relax Hadley Double. It is perfect for twins. The chair is comfortable but firm enough to sit or cuddle with your little ones. 

It’s the best rocking chair with a twin nursery pillow. The armrests are comfy enough to support you for a long time. You can stay seated in this rocking chair without experiencing back or neck pain. 

Furthermore, the chair requires minimal assembly and is effortless to put together. All the tools for installation are included inside the box. Plus, you get a well-written user manual to assemble the parts without complications quickly. 

The solid wooden foot of this rocking chair offers a gentle and smooth rocking experience. The striking two-color toned welt trim enhances the overall appearance of the chair. 

Purchase this stunning rocking chair to breastfeed your baby in comfort and style. 

What You Will Love About This Product 

  • It comes with a one-year warranty. 
  • It’s a gentle rocker for twins. 
  • It is easy to assemble. 

What You Won’t Love About This Product 

  • The chair doesn’t rock well on the carpet. 
  • Not as durable as other rocking chairs. 

#4 Best for Short Moms: Carter’s by DaVinci Adrian Swivel Glider with Storage Ottoman

DaVinci Adrian Swivel Glider is specially designed for short moms. It is made with polyester and has undergone rigorous testing for better performance. It comes in three stunning shades. 

This nursery chair gets an overall rating of 4.3/5 

  • It is designed for parents and babies.
  • It’s a perfect 360-degree swivel glider. 
  • It has stain-resistant fabric. 

DaVinci Adrian Swivel Glider is one of the best nursery glider chairs for short moms. It doesn’t feel bulky and offers lasting comfort. 

Why buy DaVinci Adrian Swivel Glider?

  • It includes an ottoman. 
  • It is perfect for small spaces. 
  • It has a metal base. 

DaVinci Adrian Swivel Glider is a must-have swivel glider for short moms. It is very comfortable and easy to clean. It has been designed with parents and babies in mind to offer better performance. 

The sturdy metal base of this swivel glider can be rotated in any direction. Plus, the gliding motion is smooth and gentle. It does not make squeaky noise, allowing you to relax with your kid. 

What’s more? Well, the fabric of the DaVinci Adrian Swivel Glider is water-repellent and stain-resistant. Additionally, it has Greenguard Gold Certification, meaning it is safe for babies. 

With this glider chair on your side, you don’t have to worry about additional storage because it offers storage in an ottoman. You can keep toys, blankets, or anything else in the ottoman. 

The high back headrest allows short moms to relax without experiencing neck pain. A lumbar support pillow can be added to make it an extra comfortable breastfeeding chair. 

If you don’t want your glider chair for breastfeeding to damage quickly, purchase DaVinci Adrian Swivel. 

What You Will Love About This Product 

  • No assembly is required. 
  • Best feeding chair for sleeping baby. 
  • A lumbar support pillow can be used. 

What You Won’t Love About This Product 

  • The armrest has thin padding. 
  • Tall parents might find it uncomfortable to use. 

#5 Best Reclining Glider: Babyletto Kiwi Electronic Power Recliner and Swivel Glider

Are you looking for a breastfeeding chair that can be used in a reclining position? If so, you can consider purchasing Babyletto Kiwi Electronic Power Recliner. It swivels 270 degrees in the back and front motion. 

This reclining glider gets an overall rating of 4.6/5 

  • It reclines electronically. 
  • It has Greenguard Gold certification. 
  • It features a modern design.

Babyletto Kiwi Electronic Power Recliner is the best reclining glider that can be effortlessly reclined with a simple button push. 

Why buy Babyletto Kiwi Electronic Power Recliner?

  • It is water-resistant. 
  • It is stain resistant. 
  • You can easily get in and get out of the chair. 

Babyletto Kiwi Electronic Power Recliner is a perfect blend of the best state-of-art and high-tech swivel chair. You can easily recline through a button, a game changer for parents. 

The chair swivels 270 degrees, making it easy for you to get in and out. It is made with soft and durable fabric that is easy to clean. It also includes a built-in charging port and arrives assembled. 

The smooth gliding motion and reclining feature allow you to relax with your kid. Additionally, it comes with a pillow for lumbar support, so you don’t feel sharp back pain after a while. 

The chair is made using FSC-certified wood and recycled materials. It has undergone rigorous testing for chemical emissions to create a healthier environment for babies and parents. 

Its fabric is moisture-repellant. The chair is consciously crafted for better performance. Hurry and purchase this breastfeeding chair today. 

What You Will Love About This Product 

  • It has CertiPUR-certified foam. 
  • It comes in impressive shades.  
  • It has a footrest. 

What You Won’t Love About This Product 

  • It is pricey but worth it. 
  • It does not include an ottoman.

Things to Consider When Buying Nursing Chairs for Breastfeeding

When planning to buy a nursing chair, you can easily get confused with many options. Thus, settling on the best chair for breastfeeding can be downright intimidating. 

But focusing on a handful of factors can make this process more enjoyable and less challenging. 

During breastfeeding, you can gain weight or lose some; it depends on multiple factors. But no matter what, you want to feel relaxed during breastfeeding.  

Here’s what you can consider to buy the next chairs for breastfeeding: 


Investing in a dedicated nursing chair is to feel comfortable while feeding a fussy baby. Nursing babies are always tricky; there’s no key to doing it successfully. 

However, when you have a nursing chair on your side, you can make the experience as comfortable as possible for you and your baby. For many parents, comfort might seem obvious, but some soon-to-be parents pick style over comfort. Make sure you don’t make this mistake. 

Start looking for chairs with padded armrests because babies can feel heavy afterward. Soft and supportive armrests allow you to sit comfortably while nursing so you don’t feel sharp pain. 

Likewise, footrests and ottomans also offer better comfort. When you elevate your feet, the pressure from your lower back releases, allowing you to settle deeply into the chair. Lastly, the nursing glider must have a padded back and seat so you can sit longer. 


While the chair for nursing moms should feel comfy, it should not be too comfortable. An ideal breastfeeding chair offers equal support so you can easily get up after nursing. 

If breastfeeding moms choose a chair that is too big or soft, they might not be able to get up without waking the baby. 

Furthermore, if you want to spend on adjustable features, ensure you can operate it comfortably without jostling the baby. 


Breastfeeding chairs need to be practical. For instance, the feeding chair should be able to rock like a rocking chair, swivel, or glide. Comparatively, nursery gliders are less roomy than traditional rocking chairs.

This decision depends entirely on your needs and requirements. If you want to reach the nearby items from your breastfeeding chair, a 360-degree swivel is best for you. 


Safety is important because rocking chairs can pinch fingers and toes. But you can prevent the chair from moving unnecessarily by selecting a glider stop lock mechanism.  

Likewise, if you want a reclining chair, select one with an easy-to-reach button. When not in use, keep the recliner’s footstool down.  


Nursing chairs come in many styles, colors, and types. So, you must carefully narrow your options depending on your home decor and preference. 

Think and decide whether the chair will solely be used for the nursery or shared by the family. Don’t hesitate to pick a baby to relax chair that suits your home. 


Before getting a breastfeeding chair, measure the size of your room, so the chair does not take up the entire space. Also, measure the chair’s size to avoid picking one that feels bulky. 


Considering the nursery chair’s durability is important. After all, you don’t want to invest in a low-quality chair only to purchase a new one soon after. 

You will spend so much time sitting on the nursing chair. So, getting a chair that can hold up for a long time makes sense. Try to avoid chairs with sharp edges as they can cause injury. 


Some nursing chairs are noisy and distracting, especially at night. As the ultimate goal of nursing a baby is to put them to sleep, investing in a noisy rocking chair is not advised. 

Carefully read the reviews and make an ideal purchase, so the irritating chair noise does not interfere with your sweet lullabies. 

Fabric Quality 

The rocking chair must be stain-resistant and should have easy-to-clean fabric. As kids are notorious for spills and spit-up, keeping the breastfeeding chair clean is important. 

Ideally, microfiber and leather are good because you can easily wipe them down to remove stains. You can look for darker colors because they can easily hide stains. Plus, the fabric should be machine washable to wash whenever required. 

Back Support 

New moms are likely to experience severe back and neck pain. The only way to avoid it is by investing in a good rocking chair with high back support that reaches your head. 

The chair should be able to make you sit straight so you don’t fall asleep with your kid in your arms. You can try the nursery chair before purchasing it to find out the level of back support they offer.


As a new mom, buying a breastfeeding chair is not easy. But you can refer to the recommendation above to simplify the purchasing process. Or, if you want to make an individual purchase, don’t forget to check the buying guide.  

As a parent, it’s advised to know when its too late to start breastfeeding and other information related to breastfeeding so you can avoid complications. 

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