When To Start Buying Baby Stuff – Timeline For New Moms

The question of when to start buying baby stuff is a common one for soon-to-be parents. The answer, of course, depends on the individual family and their needs.

But some general guidelines can help you figure out when it’s time to start stocking up on diapers, baby clothes, and all the other gear that comes with having a new baby in the house!

When Should You Begin Purchasing Baby Stuff During Your Pregnancy?

You may begin by making a list during the first trimester and stocking up as you go, or you can wait until the last month to get everything at once.

It’s essential to spread out your purchases across the months and take things slowly if you want to avoid overpaying. If you’re having a baby shower, make sure there are enough gifts for it ahead of time, so you don’t have to buy them twice.

When To Start Buying Baby Stuff

If you want to save money, it’s best to purchase the big-ticket items (crib, car seat, etc.) used. Just make sure to thoroughly inspect everything before making a purchase. It’s also a good idea to ask friends or family members if they have any baby gear they’re no longer using. You can start small, with just the basics like a crib and car seat, or go all out and get everything on your registry.

Baby Stuff To Buy In Trimesters 

First Trimester 

Make a budget for everything you’ll need to buy, and plan ahead of time. It’s now an excellent moment to consider if you should start buying baby goods seriously. Make a budget for how much you will spend on it each month.

Different brands provide everything ranging from pacifiers to baby wipes and strollers. Avoid by doing a thorough study on choosing what is best for you within your budget and buying items that are right for you.

Second Trimester 

Wondering when to start buying baby stuff? Prepare for the nursery by de-cluttering your house and beginning preparations to set it up. If you’re planning a baby shower throughout the second trimester, wait until all of your gifts have been received before making a purchase decision.

Start putting up the nursery. You should now know the baby’s gender, so you may choose the nursery’s theme. Investigate various baby cribs and select one that complements your decor. Order a lovely bookcase with all of their future baby books.

Purchase the crib and all of the other necessary items. It might take days, weeks, or even months for the furniture to arrive. You’ll have plenty of time to assemble the pieces yourself, which will make this experience much more enjoyable. It is best not to put out all of the items you would anticipate at a baby shower.

Third Trimester 

You should have a pretty good idea of everything you already own and anything else you’ll need. Wipes, lotion, strollers, and even a car seat are all included in this category. It’s also an excellent opportunity to stock up on things like nursing bras and tops, breastfeeding creams, breast pumps, blankets, and diaper bags for yourself. All of the baby clothes you bought online or as a present are ready.

Things To Think About When Buying Baby-Related Products

Now that you know when to start buying baby stuff, it is time to start considering your budget, space, and other factors for better organization. Here are some key things to think about before you start buying.


The first thing you’ll notice is how much having a kid costs! If you don’t have a budget, you will undoubtedly put your finances to the test. Make a budget for what is required and save for something greater in the future if possible. Many companies compete to provide high-quality goods at reasonable prices, which means it’s a good idea to study the finest low-cost solutions or even go for secondhand goods at half price.

Space Available

If you live in a tiny apartment and want to save money, don’t buy excess furnishings like a big crib or a huge bassinet. If you have your nursery planned ahead of time, keep everything inside it. If not, wait till you move to a better address to acquire items for your liking.

Baby Shower 

Wait for all of the present items you anticipate receiving from your friends before having a baby shower. Once you’ve compiled a list of everything, you’ll know what else is necessary.

Setting up a baby shower registry is an excellent method to let others know what you’d want to receive. On the same note, you will get things inherited from previous parents who don’t require them.

Baby’s Gender 

You’ll have to wait till the 20-week scan, after which you’ll know for sure. If you intend to go gender-neutral, the baby’s gender won’t matter.

Pregnancy Month 

After the initial trimester, many parents don’t purchase anything until it’s too late. The pregnancy is proceeding smoothly, and women are in their most energized state since they no longer suffer from morning sickness.

What Shouldn’t You Buy For Your Newborn?

  • You should wait before purchasing formula milk for your son because it is a consumable that must be waited for. It’s impossible to determine which milk they can tolerate until they’re born.
  • It is also true that babies’ shoes are a commodity that isn’t required until you know what works best for the kid.
  • Stocking up on too much of anything is a bad idea. If your baby can’t handle one particular lotion brand, the rest of the batch goes in the garbage.

Therefore, before purchasing anything, it is always good to make a list of things you want to buy and know exactly when to start buying baby stuff. Checking things off a checklist each month can help you plan for the arrival of the kid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is it bad luck to buy baby stuff early? 

Ans: Many individuals, for example, believe in good and bad luck, which has no basis. It may perhaps be referred to as superstition at best. Buying baby stuff early has no bearing on how the pregnancy goes forward.

Q2: Is it better to buy baby clothes and other items before becoming pregnant?

Ans: Some cultures believe it is bad luck to acquire baby items before getting pregnant. However, no evidence doing so will harm your infant. You make your judgments.

Q3: What week should you finish preparing all the baby stuff?

Ans: The greatest advice is to have everything ready at least six weeks before your delivery date. You’ll also need a lot of diapers, washcloths, and baby attire during the initial few months of your kid’s life.

Q4: What should I get at six weeks pregnant?

Ans:  At six weeks pregnant, you should purchase items such as a pregnancy pillow, comfortable pajamas, supportive bras, and nursing tanks. You might also want to buy some maternity jeans or leggings if your regular pants are starting to feel snug.

Q5: What should you buy first when expecting a baby?

Ans: The first thing you should do is create a registry and start building your baby collection. Once you have your baby registry set up, you can start adding items to it that you need or want for your baby.

Q6: Is 12 – 13 weeks too early to buy baby items?

Ans:  No, it’s not too early to buy baby stuff. It’s a great time to start purchasing items for your baby because you’ll be able to get everything you need before the baby arrives.


It’s an exciting time for expectant parents when it comes to purchasing things for their newborns. Consider your budget, the nursery layout, and the baby’s gender when making your decision. Waiting until the last minute is not advised so that you can have everything ready before the baby arrives.

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