10 Month Old Activities: 20 Easy & Playful Games For Kids

Your 10 month old is probably getting into everything! It’s good because they are starting to explore their world, but it can also be challenging because they are getting into everything! In this blog post, we will discuss some 10 month old activities that you can do with your little one to help them learn and grow. We will also provide tips on how to keep them safe during these fun activities.

10 Month Old Activities

What Is Your 10-Month-Old Capable Of Doing?

You’ve witnessed substantial growth in your child’s abilities at 10 months old, so what should he or she be doing now? One of them is whether you should keep doing the same activities with your ten-month-old.

  • Verbal skills: Your baby may now produce a variety of noises that sound almost like actual words. They can also perform a set of gestures, such as shaking their head ‘no,’ at this point.
  • Social skills: They may attempt to engage with those around them by smiling or being bashful. Your baby is now beginning to learn how to think for themselves and will try to assert their independence in a variety of ways at this age.
  • Physical coordination: He or she may sit and crawl confidently. They may also try to walk with the aid of furniture, which is referred to as cruising. Feeding oneself, putting toys in a box, and poking things are all abilities that have been enhanced thanks to hand-eye coordination.

Major Milestones For A 10-Month-Old Baby

  • Crawling – Around the tenth month, your child will begin to crawl, which is a significant step for them! Around the time that they’ve begun crawling, they require more activity and stimulation.
  • Cruising – The following stage is to walk alone; your baby will begin to cruise, which means they’ll be holding furniture while walking.
  • Walking – Toddlers take their first steps shortly after they are born, and they start going everywhere! Even if you restrict them from leaving the playroom, they will find a way to get there.
  • Grabbing Objects – Your baby’s pincer grasp is now more precise, and they can grasp items that are smaller than ever before.
  • Mimicking You – You may be shocked to learn that your baby is imitating you more and more as time goes on. Your infant could pick up on your facial emotions and produce identical facial expressions. When you clap, so will your baby.

10 Month Old Activities That You Can Enjoy


Reading a story aloud with animated faces and sounds will keep them enthralled. Keeping colorful, textured, and flap-containing books within reach will encourage your youngster to explore them.


Drawing is a wonderful way for children to develop their existing motor skills. Offering them a large sheet of paper and a crayon to draw with while they crawl around is a good idea. While they may not yet be able to write artistically, they may enjoy creating colorful artwork using basic color crayons.


Sing the songs your baby appears to enjoy and urge them to hum along if they seem to enjoy it. This will help develop their language skills, rhythm, and motor skills in a fun way.


Babies as young as 10 months old are extremely attentive and imitative. This observation and imitation aid in the development of long-term memory, as well as social and emotional bonding. Encourage them to mimic basic gestures like waving goodbye and clapping hands together.


At this age, your baby is learning the notion of object permanence. This implies that he or she understands that whatever is out of sight (such as you going into another room) still exists. Playing peek-a-boo is a wonderful method to build upon this concept in their minds.


Offer your youngster building blocks or cubes of varying sizes to stimulate his/her motor and attention abilities. Stacking blocks and toys teach children about balance and weight, but make sure the pieces are large enough to prevent your infant from choking.


Offer your infant a huge, simple-to-open box, as well as a variety of objects that may be placed inside it. Then demonstrate how to put in and remove things. They may attempt to do the same! This easy activity helps toddlers develop focus and skills such as holding and coordinating movement between objects.


Sorting toys encourage your kid to sort objects into distinct color or shape categories. This is an excellent method to enhance your child’s memory, attention, and problem-solving skills.

Make Belief

In this game, you give your child a goal to discover something in the room or identify anything within shouting distance, after which you act out with a stuffed toy or an item. This sense of adventure and magic is ideal for their developing minds, and the best part is that it’s enjoyable for everyone.

Telephone Pretend

You pretend to be someone on the other end of the phone, allowing your baby to babble as much as they want. This excellent game helps your infant develop speech and communication skills.

Counting Numbers

This fun game simply requires you to count out loud 1 – 5 or 1 – 10 while naming your child’s body parts at the same time. You may either use your hands or toes, or a combination of both. It’s easy to do and a fun method to teach children about numbers, as well as enhance letter knowledge.

Drummers Paradise

Here you’ll find a pair of spoons or some bells, as well as a few pots and pans. There is no need for preparation. Allow your kid to hit, bing, and make music! It’s an excellent method for them to learn their strengths while also allowing them to participate.

Playing House

Get a big cardboard box and make a little hole in it. You may now use it as an instant playhouse or a play fort by turning it upside down.

Tube Horn

This classic baby game is for your 10-month-old to play with himself. Get an empty paper towel tube and talk, sing, or hum through it. The sound of your voice will vary as it goes through the tube, making 10-month-olds laugh throughout the process.

Go Find It! 

You may accomplish this activity by letting your child go on a few errands around the house and return with something that is readily visible. It’s an excellent method to teach spatial awareness and memory while being simple.

Dot to Dot

This is one of the best 10 month old activities that enhance your kid’s recognition skills. You draw a tiny dot on their face, then turn to them in the mirror and ask if they can spot it. They must find the dot and describe their reaction.

Rice Writing

Get some baby rice cereal or crackers and crumble it up in a large plastic container. Place your 10-month-old inside it and have them write their name using the rice at their own pace.

Beach Paradise

Grab a couple of pails and shovels and go to the beach. This fun activity is excellent for encouraging solo activity. This will aid in the development of creative play, fine motor skills, as well as social awareness.

Magnetic fun

Take an empty plastic container, fill it with anything that a magnet will adhere to, and then attach a magnet to the inside. Then demonstrate how simple it is to move things without touching them by using a magnet.

Edible Slime

Make some edible slime using yogurt and cereal. This is a fantastic way to engage your child’s senses while also encouraging them to use their gross motor skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are the best problem solving activities for 10 month old?

Ans: This includes activities such as sorting, making belief, counting numbers, playing house, going find it, dot to dot, and magnetic fun.

Q2: What are the best crafts for 10 month old?

Ans: The best crafts for this age group include rice writing, edible slime, and beach paradise.

Q3: What are the best brain development activities for a rainy day?

Ans: The best activities for this age group include telephone pretend, counting numbers, playing house, and dot to dot. These activities will help with problem-solving skills, memory, and recognition.

Q4: How many words should a 10 month old say?

Ans: Your kid may already have the ability to identify words such as “dada” or “mama.” They might even be able to say things like, ‘dada,’ or ‘mama.’ If your baby is a vocalist from the get-go, they could be speaking in sentences.

Q5: What should you be teaching a 10 month old?

Ans: Support your child’s fine-motor development by Playing peekaboo. When they are near a table or sturdy object and able to use it for balance, assist them in standing up. Hold a cherished toy just out of reach and encourage them to “cruise” across the furniture.


There are many activities that you can do with your young one to help support their development. These activities include problem-solving, crafts, and brain development games such as forge of empires. With so many options available, you are sure to find the perfect activity for your little one. Some of the best activities for this age group include sorting, making beliefs, counting numbers, playing house, going find it, dot to dot, and magnetic fun. So get out there and explore all of the different options available to you and have some fun!

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