Do You Bring A Gift To A Gender Reveal Party?

Gender reveal parties are becoming increasingly popular. If you’ve been invited to one, you’re probably wondering whether or not it’s appropriate to bring a gift.

Whether your expecting friend is having a boy or a girl, there are lots of creative ways to commemorate the special occasion with a little something they can cherish for years to come.

Do you bring a gift to a gender reveal party?

Bringing a gift to a gender reveal party is an elective option. It’s a personal choice and the amount spent is entirely up to the giver. While it’s appreciated, remember that thoughtful gifts don’t have to be expensive.

With so many ideas available out there in celebration of this spicy news, we are here to break down if it is indeed necessary (or expected) to present that special someone with something at their unique affair. Let’s uncover all your possible gender-reveal gifting options.

Do You Bring A Gift To A Gender Reveal Party

What Happens In A Gender Reveal Party?

It’s when parents-to-be inform their closest friends and relatives if they’re having a boy or a girl.

A gender reveal party, unlike a baby shower, involves not only the soon-to-be mother and her female friends but also the future father and other male figures.

Most parents just pop balloons with various colored confetti inside to determine whether their child is a boy or a girl.

A cake is another popular approach to revealing a kid’s gender.

Color bombs are a fun, easy way to announce the gender of your kid. More daring parents may use them to spread the news around the world.

Gender reveal parties, on the other hand, are enjoyable and stylish in photographs and videos. The parents usually already know what’s going to happen, but some people prefer to be caught off guard alongside their guests.

Do Parents Expect To Receive Presents At A Gender Reveal Party?

It’s not necessary to give gender-reveal gifts. If you don’t know the baby’s gender, it may be pointless to bring a present in some instances.

A gender reveal party is a more joyful event for the parents and the child they’re expecting. A baby shower, on the other hand, is a more focused gathering where guests assist parents in preparing for their new family member.

This is why it’s customary to give gifts at a baby shower.

Do You Bring A Gift To A Gender Reveal Party Anyway?

While it’s certainly not required, it’s always nice to show your support and congratulations with a small present. But what kind of gift should you get?

If the parents-to-be are close friends or family, you could consider something for the nursery or the new baby’s wardrobe. A book or toy related to the new arrival’s gender is also a sweet option. For more distant friends or acquaintances, a gift card to a baby store or restaurant might be appreciated.

What Are The Best Gender Reveal Gifts? – Gender Reveal Party Gift Ideas

1. For a Mom-to-Be

To avoid making a mistake, you should customize your present for the expecting mother.

  • The World’s Greatest Mother or “Mom-To-Be” cup and T-shirt set. The mug can be accompanied by a supply of their favorite tea. You may also include a little gift for Dad here.
  • For those days when the expectant mother wants to feel lovely throughout her pregnancy, this is the manicure/pedicure kit for her. For the same duration of her pregnancy, you may also give her an unlimited gift card at a local salon.
  • She’ll need comfy clothes, which she’ll be able to wear as her swollen belly grows. This includes a cozy, fuzzy robe, plush slippers, free-size pants, and tops.
  • Why not give her a basket of delicious chocolates and sweets if she loves sweet things when expecting them? She’ll love it, and you may add to it as time goes on.
  • Give the expectant mother a long-deserved spa day where she can be pampered and treated like royalty.
  • A pregnancy pillow will make your life much easier!

2. For a Dad-to-Be

  1. A hilarious dad joke-loading t-shirt would be a fantastic place to begin.
  2. One of the more popular types of diaper bags is the one that looks like a manly backpack because he’ll be carrying it all of the time.
  3. You can also find matching onesies for the father and newborn.

3. For Both Parents

  1. The perfect pajamas for a fall night’s sleep, as well as impromptu photoshoots with their youngster.
  2. Use our free online coupons to save money on babysitting so the new parents can rest or go on a date. This is also a great present without spending any money.
  3. If you produce fantastic photographs, family photoshoots with gift certificates will be appreciated.
  4. They’ll enjoy a weekend away or a date night while they’re still able.

Gender Reveal Gifts To Avoid

Have an invitation and wonder, do you bring a gift to a gender reveal party? Well, before you decide, take a look at the following. These are some things that you must never bring to a gender reveal party.


While a gender reveal might seem like an ideal opportunity to toast the newborn, it is not advised because it is not good for the celebrant. Bringing a bottle of wine to a gender reveal is likely to make the pregnant parents-to-be feel left out and tempted to take a sip.

Unsolicited Advice

If the parents ask you about getting their baby to sleep through the night at a gender reveal party, go ahead and inform them what you know. Advice is wonderful, but only when it is requested. Giving unsolicited advice may lead to uncomfortable situations.

Wait for them to request advice, or ask if you could offer them some if you want to give the new parents any.

Gender-Specific Gifts

The goal of gender reveals is to allow the parents to see their baby’s sex. If you give a gender-specific present to an event, you risk creating an uncomfortable situation if you choose the wrong gender.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What should a guest wear to a gender reveal party?

Ans: If you were invited to a gender reveal party, you’d most likely be told what to dress. The most popular choice is to wear pink or blue to represent the baby’s gender that the couple believes they are having. However, it’s conceivable that the pair will pick a different hue; therefore, always inquire if you’re unsure.

Q2: What do you do at a gender reveal party?

Ans: A gender reveal party may be used to play a variety of games for visitors. Food, drinks, and music are all available.

Q3: How much should you spend on a gender reveal party?

Ans: Because these parties are relatively new, there is no pressure to go into debt in order to host the “best reveal.” You may spend as little as $50, and your gender reveal party will be just as great as one that costs considerably more.

Q4: What’s the difference between a gender reveal party and a baby shower?

Ans: A baby gender reveals party is a great method to inform your family and friends about the biological gender of your kid. Baby showers are now customary in most households. Today, many people still have two parties for each baby: one for their close relatives and one for their friends.


So, there you have it! Whether or not you should bring a gift to a gender reveal party is really up to you and your relationship with the parents. If in doubt, just ask or play it safe and bring a card.

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